Eliminating Washroom Odours The Natural Way

What is common to most offices everywhere is that all of them have at least one washroom for employees and customers and other visitors to use. And keeping these washrooms clean and odour-free is one of the biggest challenges offices everywhere face. Keeping washrooms odour-free directly impacts productivity, morale and even attrition rates at the workspace. Hardly surprising then that office managers try everything under the sun to rid their washrooms of all odours.

Our clients, one of India’s leading and oldest petrochemical companies, was in a similar boat too. Their head office in Mumbai had washrooms exuding a noxious odour, making everybody at the office grumbly and grouchy. They tried everything in a vain attempt at ridding their washrooms of this unpleasant aroma. All kinds of air fresheners and chemical cleaners were used. Unfortunately, these, when they worked, only provided temporary relief. Not surprising because air fresheners and chemical cleaners don’t actually address the underlying cause of restroom odours.

Our team inspected a few washroom at the client’s office and immediately identified the root cause of the issue. We discovered that the stink was simply because of reverse gases coming from the urinal pots. The janitorial team at our client’s office had been using caustic soda to clean urinal drains but it was ineffective.

We recommended our OB Care range of Washroom Cleaning and Odour Control Solutions. Comprising of OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner, OB Care Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator, OB Care FlushFree ™ Urinal Spray and OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner, our Washroom Cleaning and Odour Control Solutions are completely natural products that focuses on solving the root of the problem and treating odours at source.

Our completely natural, research-backed enzymatic formulations not only clean washrooms but also effectively degrade organic waste like urine deposits in drain pipes, thus neutralising the source of all bad odours. The OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a unique enzymatic formulation that uses nanobiotechnology to clean toilets without the harmful effects of corrosive chemicals present in conventional toilet cleaners. The OB Care Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator is specially formulated to completely eliminate odours at source. Our revolutionary OB Care FlushFree ™ Urinal Spray controls odours in your urinals and can be used on all types of urinals. The OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner has a unique, specially formulated enzymatic consortium that completely degrades urinary waste deposits in drain lines, preventing reverse gases emanating from urinal drains and also stopping drain lines from getting clogged.

Our clients started using our solution as per our recommended protocol and the results were immediate. Within 4 days, odour generation was controlled with minimal stink and after 10 days, their washrooms were completely odour-free. After that, we asked them to reduce dosage to regular maintenance levels to keep the washroom clean and odour-free.

This project also involved educating the janitorial staff about our solutions. Their initial reaction to being presented with four products was one of reluctance, not knowing which products to use for what purpose. In two training sessions over a month, we explained how OB Care FlushFree ™ Urinal Spray and OB Care Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator were for odour control and how OB Care Toilet Bowl Cleaner and OB Care Urinal Drain Cleaner were to replace the existing chemicals they were using to clean the washrooms until then. We also took them through the process for applying these products and how to maintain the washrooms afterwards.

As effective as our Washroom Cleaning and Odour Control Solutions was in solving the odour issues at our client’s office, we also got validation from their janitorial staff. They said after using our solutions, they didn’t experience any skin irritations or any fumes, both of which they were used to from chemical cleaning solutions.

Conventional, chemical-based cleaning products are loaded with combinations of harmful chemicals with proven ill-effects on human and animal health and also the environment. They also affect the indoor air quality of your offices and when flushed after use, also affect your septic tanks and eventually enter our food and water too. With our OB Care range of cleaning solutions, we have revolutionised office cleaning to ensure you can get a clean office without subjecting yourself to a needless chemical assault.

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