Celebrating Kutch with Bioclean BD

The Rann Utsav is a vibrant annual festival, celebrating the cultural heritage of Kutch. This renowned festival is a major tourist attraction witnessing an average footfall of 5000 people. Dhordo, a small village in Bhuj taluka of Gujarat, serves as the gateway for Rann Utsav. As is often the case with any event witnessing large numbers of people attending, toilet maintenance was becoming a huge challenge in Dhordo and they turned to us for a solution.

The Great Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh, measuring over 7000 sq. kms, and one of the world’s largest salt deserts. The Rann Utsav is an annual 3- to 4-month-long festival that celebrates the colour, art, craft, and history of the region. A signature event bolstered by Gujarat Tourism, the Rann Utsav sees a large number of people from around the world attending.

Typically not on the beaten tourist trail, the Kutch area is not well-equipped to handle such a concentrated influx of travellers. Dhordo village, set on the edge of the India-Pakistan border, is further renowned for its white desert and the bird watching opportunities it offers. Combined with Rann Utsav, the increase in people started to put a severe strain on the village’s toilet and sanitation facilities.

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Making things worse was the inclement weather in Kutch, ranging from 50 degrees Celsius in summer to as low as 0 degrees in winter, rendering traditional sanitation management options ineffective.

Our solution was our powerhouse, Bioclean BD, combined with Bioswitch. Bioclean BD degrades fecal waste into simple compounds like carbon dioxide and water, while also ridding any foul odours.

We treated a toilet system in Dhordo, during Rann Utsav, with Bioclean BD. The treatment procedure was divided into two phases – an initial loading dose of 9 kg followed by a maintenance dose of 2 kg for 3months. The porous surfaces of the toilet were cleaned using Bioswitch, which resulted in a greater cleaning action without using any toxic chemicals.

The results were immediate. And multi-faceted. The COD and BOD levels of the expel from toilets were reduced by 75%. Offensive odours were completely eliminated. There was a visible reduction in sludge buildup. And the best part? The treated water could be reused to water around 70 trees in the vicinity.