Building A More Sustainable Avocado Farm With Magic Gro Plus


Laurence Fishburne from Matrix could eat all the Mexican food you wanted but you don’t get any guacamole with it?

That’s right.

Eat your nachos without guacamole.

No guacamole on your quesadillas either.

No guacamole filling in your tacos either.

And no. No guacamole with your refried beans or your rice either.

And no stopping there.

No avocado salads for you.

And no fresh avocado slices for your toast.

And no avocado in that vegan burger either.

Would you say “holy guacamole, why are you taking our avocado away from us?”

I certainly would. For health reasons alone. I mean, the avocado is really the superfood of superfoods, right?

Unlike most fruits, avocados are high in fat content. And not your everyday unhealthy fat but the good, mono-unsaturated fat that you want in your life.

You can actually use avocados instead of butter in your sandwiches and to replace cheese in your burgers. You can even blend them into your ice creams and milkshakes.

Avocados contain 20 vitamins and minerals and they are free of cholesterol and sodium.

As any nutritionist worth their salt (see what I did there?) will tell you, fiber is the cornerstone of a healthy diet. And avocados are an excellent fiber source.

And they are also an excellent source of folates. Unlike other fruits, avocados have so little sugar in them that they are practically sugar-free.

And I am not even beginning to talk about the myriad variety of health conditions that avocados prove helpful with Vision, Blood sugar, Heart ailments, Blood pressure, Digestive issues, Skin ailments, Inflammatory issues, Cholesterol, and even Cancer.

Avocados in fact are the fruit apples eat when they don’t want to go to the doctor.

And the biggest reason I would question anybody who tells me to stop eating avocados is that I LOVE avocados.

Love it sliced. Love it diced. Love it in burgers. Love it with rice. And I absolutely love guacamole.

And I know I am not alone in this love for all things avocado. Last year, there were 6.4 million tonnes of avocados produced globally.

Expectedly, Mexico is the world leader in avocado production and exports. Other leading countries fuelling the global demand for avocados include Peru, the Netherlands (surprisingly), and Chile. Between them, these countries account for close to 80% of global avocado exports.

The rising global demand for avocados though is not all good news for the countries doing the exporting. Avocados need a lot of water to grow.

Up to 600 litres of water for one kilogram of avocados. Already 70% of the world’s freshwater is being used for agriculture.

The increasing popularity of avocados could tilt this balance even further. And with all the water being used to grow avocados, regions where avocados are grown are facing severe water crises.

In Chile especially, the avocado boom has become starkly evident with the passage of time.

In 1990, Chile had less than 8000 acres of avocado orchards. This number soared to 60000 acres by 2015 with big commercial companies increasingly using industrialised farming techniques.

In Petorca, Chile, the advent of big commercial companies into avocado farming has resulted in drought-like conditions and severe water shortages.

Apart from their thirst for water though, avocados aren’t easy fruit to grow. They are sensitive to frost and climatic variations.

They are prone to diseases like anthracnose which causes the avocados to split.

They are also susceptible to many pests. Like thrips that lay eggs on the underside of the tree’s leaves and even inside the fruit, feeding on the unripe fruit.

Lace bugs are other pests that routinely infect avocado trees, damaging the infected tree and also easily transferring to other trees.

Borers, caterpillars, and mites attack avocado trees, causing damage to the foliage, flowers, and fruit.

Issues like cankers, fruit rots, root rots, blight, and incurable sunblotch can also easily affect avocado trees.

Delayed ripening and fruiting are common occurrences with avocado trees. A regular avocado tree can bear fruit within two years but won’t reach commercial production for 3 to 5 years.

The world needs avocados though. They are healthy and yummy.

And the solution to preventing disease and infestations in avocado trees is not to throw chemical treatments at them. Nor does it lie in the use of even more water.

The solution is Magic Gro Plus.

Magic Gro Plus is our revolutionary, eco-friendly plant growth vitaliser with microbiome replenishment technology.

Magic Gro Plus contains a consortium of beneficial plant growth-promoting bacteria that harness favorable nutrients in the soil.

These microbes can withstand extreme weather conditions and climate change. They enhance plant-microbe interaction, improving plant vitality and immunity against diseases.

Magic Gro Plus enhances seed germination, fruiting, and flowering rates.

It also enhances immunity against pathogens and pests and gradually helps reduce dependency on chemical inputs, thus helping the environment too.

The best part?

Magic Gro Plus improves soil’s water-retaining capacity and helps save water during cultivation.

Please fill in the form below for more information about Magic Gro Plus and how it can help ensure a bountiful avocado harvest at your farm while helping the environment.

And in leaving, what do you say to the avocado who’s done such a good job of keeping us healthy while giving us such awesome food?


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