Introducing Advanced Microbial Technology At Tea Plantations


Tea Plantations is the emergent entity from divestment of the plantation business in India. This firm is managed by multiple stakeholders Deeply committed to tea, this Tea Plantations has emerged as the second largest tea producer in India. Its tea range includes CTC, orthodox, green and organic varieties.

The Tea Plantations’ activities will also include: pisciculture, floriculture, fruits & vegetables, various horticultural crops, seed and medicinal/aromatic plants.

Based on the site visit conducted we analyzed the existing toilets,

found out the difficulties faced by the people with bio toilets.

Observations encountered after the Site Visit: INITIAL STAGE

  • The bio agent used earlier in the bio digester tank was not effective to degrade the fecal sludge in the tank, thereby causing extreme foul odor, choking of pipelines and back flow of sewage from the toilet seat.
  • Installation of bio digester and the pipeline given earlier was not in proper slope and the PVC pipe used for outlet was longer than the requirement.
  • Due to lack of water pressure the sludge remains in the pipeline because of which there is no outflow of waste water from the outlet.

Outcome of the meeting was to conduct a pilot trial at 2 locations where the bio toilets were not functioning

Sr. No. Location Total No. of users Volume of the Tank
1 Site 1 5 Approx 500 lit
2 Site 1 5 Approx 500 lit

Main Issues Encountered:

  • The people were not able to use the Bio toilet due to excessive sludge deposition, choking and no degradation of fecal waste because of which there is sewage overflow from the toilet seat.
  • Foul smell emission from the toilet seat.

Product Range:

bioclean bd 1

Bioclean BD – Robust Microbial Culture for improving sanitation

  • It is a consortium of beneficial microbes which are natural and safe.
  • Facilitate complete degradation of organic matter.
  • Bacteria in Bioclean BD have a shelf life of two years.

Organica’s Approach:

  1. 1 kg of Bioclean BD mixed with 5 liter of water was added into the toilet seat at both the
    locations i.e Site 1 and Site 2.
  2. 100 gm of Bioclean BD mixed with 500 ml of water was added into the toilet seat after 15 days.

Result/Feedback: (As per the Email given by the concerned authority)

  • At Site 1, where the Bio Toilet is functioning and bacterial agent has been added for further improvement
    is functioning better now with no foul odor and clogging.
  • At Site 2, where the Bio Toilet was not in use and bacterial agent been applied, has become functional and
    it is working without ant foul smell and clogging.