In – Situ Bioremediation Technology At 8 Sites Under Mineral Development Corporation


Mineral Development Corporation is a major minerals and lignite mining company of India. It is a state owned company and was founded in 1963. Its product range includes essential energy minerals like lignite, base metals and industrial minerals like bauxite and flourspar. It has currently 12 Sites under them out of which 8 sites have been covered by us. There are more than 1500 employees collectively at all sites and we have helped in maintaining high sanitation standards for them.

It was incorporated on 15 th May, 1963 to develop major Mineral Resources in the State and started with a Silica Sand quarrying Plant for crushing and screening of Silica Sand required for Glass Industry. From this humble starting, Mineral Development Corporation today boasts of a vast array of Mineral Portfolio in its mineral rich basket.

As these sites are disconnected to sewerage lines and to reduce the cost of constructing STP’s which is very expensive, they have adapted to Organica Biotech’s In-situ bioremediation technology which has helped to treat the waste water at the ground level.

Common Problems Encountered:

  • As water in septic tank is not treated, soak pits lost their absorption capacity over time due to human sludge accumulation which resulted in overflowing of water
  • Accumulated Sludge had to be removed frequently which is a tedious process and highly cost and labour intensive.
  • Ground water pollution leads to pollution of fresh water.
  • Disposing human sludge in open lands caused spread of diseases like cholera, typhoid, dysentry, gastroenteritis in the vicinity areas.
  • Foul Odour from Septic tanks, which decreased the aesthetic value of environment.

Product Range:

bioclean bd 1

Bioclean BD – Robust Microbial Culture for improving sanitation

  • It is a consortium of beneficial microbes which are natural and safe.
  • Facilitate complete degradation of organic matter.
  • Bacteria in Bioclean BD have a shelf life of two years.

Organica’s Approach:

Our representatives Mr. Mayur Prabhu and Mr. Beryl Marshal had collected the water sample before starting the septic tank treatment. They have also given complete training to the housekeeping staff under Mineral Development Corporation regarding usage of the products and also regarding how the microbial technology works and its adverse effects.


  1. Utmost reduction of COD and BOD levels of water.
  2. Complete Elimination for Foul Odour from Septic tanks.
  3. Efficient degradation of sludge and no accumulation of sludge in soak pits.

Site vise complete comparative analysis with lab reports tested by a NABL certified Laboratory

mineral devp result

Graphical Comparative Analysis for Individual Sites.

mineral devp site1 2

mineral devp site 3 4

mineral devp site 5 6

mineral devp site 7 8

Testimonials were received from the Mineral Development Corporation stating effective results


Effective decrease in COD and BOD levels were observed. Almost 100% decrease in faecal coliform count was observed. The absence of faecal coliforms suggests the absence of disease causing pathogens and hence individuals exposed to the septic tank are free from the potential health risk that faecal coliforms cause. There is complete odour reduction at the septic tank and visible sludge reduction. Also, the water has turned clearer.