Bioclean Aqua Fish Improves Water Quality and Fish Health in Thai Tilapia Farms

Name: Suphannika Saetang Region: Chiang Mai, Thailand Farm Name: Saetang Tilapia Farm Suphannika Saetang runs a family-owned tilapia farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Like many aquaculture farmers, she faced the challenge of maintaining good water quality in her fish ponds. Poor water quality can lead to low survival rates, stunted growth, and disease outbreaks, which can ultimately result in economic losses. To address these challenges, Suphannika started using Bioclean Aqua Fish, a probiotic product specifically designed for aquaculture water. Suphannika applied Bioclean Aqua Fish in her tilapia ponds at a rate of 1kilogramper acre of water every two weeks. After two months of using Bioclean Aqua Fish, she noticed significant improvements in water quality and fish health. The results are shown below:
Parameter Before After % Change
Ammonia Level 2.5 ppm 0.5 ppm 80% reduction
Survival Rate 75% 90% 20% improvement
Dissolved Oxygen Level 5 ppm 7 ppm 40% increase
The reduction in ammonia levels was particularly impressive, as high levels of ammonia can be toxic to fish and other aquatic organisms. The increase in dissolved oxygen levels also helped to create a healthier environment for the fish. Overall, Suphannika was pleased with the results of using Bioclean Aqua Fish in her tilapia ponds. She observed healthier and more active fish, and the higher survival rate resulted in increased profits for her farm. Suphannika plans to continue using Bioclean Aqua Fish to maintain good water quality and improve the health of her fish.
Post by Oscar Peter