Introducing Bio-Sanitation Herbal Products At Various Religious Institutions


Temple is a building reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice. It is a large Religious Board consisting of various temples/trusts and even maintains sanity in premises of all the trusts constituted under it. It is an important colony of temples with millions of devotees visiting the temple every year. Maintaining the hygiene and sanitation with millions of devotees is a difficult job.

This Board was constituted first time in the year 1995.

Common Problems Encountered:

  • Disposal of waste near temple, which is leads to pollution.
  • Generation of Foul odour at some places in the temple.
  • In spite of good sanitation control, fly and mosquito breeding was initiated.
  • Continual usage of toilets by pilgrims causes foul smell.

Product Range:

ORGANICA BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED introduces the following range of products to eradicate the issues,

various temple

Onsite Images:

Organica’s Approch :

Application of Organica’s product range on the problems faced at the devasthan during Mega annual fair/MELA, Swachta Abhiyan , and in general . The above given pictures were clicked during the dosage program at the Board. Instruction and execution of dosing was done by Mr. Beryl Marshal, Senior Executive at Organica Biotech, with the help of support staff. Personalized attention was given to the sites in need for help.

Testimonials were received from the Board stating effective results


  • Issue of foul smell and waste degradation at drains was effectively tackled and wastage of water decreased massively.
  • Breeding of mosquitoes and flies gradually decreased, leading to less pollution.


All the products from Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. were easy to use and highly effective. In spite of high number of devotees at temple and festivals, all products worked well. Authorities at this organisation found these products excellent in terms of performance and enabled Organica to meet sanitation standards at temple. Overall the execution was successfully carried out.

Post by Misael Connelly