Bio digester Technology: A New Solution for a New Era

A high percentage of the population in India do not have access to proper toilet infrastructure due to unaffordable cost, additional space required and the need for frequent fecal waste removal. This has led to open defecation practice to prevail in many regions in India. At many places, those with toilets face multiple challenges such as acute water shortage, no waste treatment systems and poor waste disposal mechanisms.

Untreated waste in the open areas pollutes air, water and land. For decades, the majority of diseases in India are caused due to the contamination of water bodies, resulting in lack of safe drinking water. Population residing in urban slums and rural areas suffer from various diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and others every year.

There is an urgent need for affordable, easy-to-operate and effective solutions to change the sanitation situation in India. It is imperative to build a healthy India and protect the environment as well. The Swachh Bharat Mission has ushered in a new era focused on achieving sanitation objectives in India. Many innovative technologies and solutions have come to the fore since the inception of this nationwide initiative. Bio toilets based on bio digester technology have emerged as the best alternative to traditional toilets, and It is a great way to achieve the sanitation goals in India.

Bio digester Technology
Bio digester technology is a system that employs microbes to biologically degrade organic materials or waste through aerobic or anaerobic processes. Human waste, food, fat, oil, grease, animal manure etc. can be processed using a bio-digester.

Anaerobic and Aerobic Bio digester Technology
Anaerobic bio digester technology is used to break down organic wastes such as food leftover, kitchen waste, oil, grease, garden waste, animal manure and human waste. The key feature of this system is that waste decomposition takes place in the absence of oxygen. The major benefit of using anaerobic bio digesters is that you can produce biogas using the by-product methane, which in turn, can be used to generate electricity or heat. It can be used as an eco-friendly and renewable source of energy in place of fossil fuels.

Aerobic bio digester technology achieves the decomposition of food in the presence of sufficient oxygen. But this process does not produce biogas. These type of biodigesters break food down into gray water that can be disposed of in drainage systems or used as a fertilizer for plants.

Bio digester Technology in Bio Toilets
portable toilet generally consists of a toilet seat, a holding tank and a formulation assisting waste decomposition. However, bio-toilet consists of a bio digester tank made generally of FRP, UPVC or galvanized iron. The closed container contains a special anaerobic microbial consortium that helps in the degradation of human waste reaching the tank. Harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide, water and methane are generated after the decomposition process, which can be used to produce biogas.

Bioclean BD for Fecal Sludge Management


Benefits of Bio digester Technology
There are several benefits of using bio digester technology based bio-toilets over conventional toilets. Biodigester based mobile toilets, due to their compact size, can be installed at geographical terrains where conventional toilets can’t be used. The cost is comparatively low as well. Since there is no cleaning or solid waste removal required, there are no recurring costs. In terms of BOD, COD, and other effluent parameters, quality is better using bio digester technology. Bio-digester bio-toilets are eco-friendly since no harmful by-products are produced. Instead, the byproduct produced can be used as an energy resource.

Other features include no pest infestation, no clogging, no foul odour, pathogen reduction up to 99%, no maintenance required, no solid waste removal required. It is easy to install a biodigester or adding it to an existing toilet system.

Bioclean BD for Fecal Sludge Management


Organica Biotech is a leading company committed to providing advanced solutions that can transform the sanitation situation in India. The Bioclean range of solutions includes government-recognized and recommended Bio toilet and Biodigester technology. Bioclean BD is a natural biodigester tank treatment product, consisting of special microbes capable of degrading organic waste aggressively and minimizing sludge build-up. These cost-effective and efficient biotech solutions are paving the way to achieve sanitation goals in India. For more details, contact us today!

Post by Misael Connelly