Ganesh Kamath

Dr. Ganesh Kamath,

Pharmacist. Biologist. Scientist. Founder. Jedi Master. Believes we need to look back in time to find inspiration to move forward.

Suman Kamath

Suman Kamath,

Environmentalist. Passionista. Enthusiast. Believes in everybody’s inalienable right to live in a clean and green world.

Tejas Gathani

Tejas Gathani,
Vice President – International Business

Captain Earth. Tea Connoisseur. Futurist. Jedi Master. Drove our diversifications and expansions and finds fulfilment in protecting our planet, for today. Other planets will have to wait.


R. Krishnamoorthy,
Head – Agriculture Division

Ambassador for sustainable crop improvement models. A friend of farmers everywhere. Believes in growing crop sustainably in every geography.

Praful R

Dr. Prafull Ranadive,
Head – R & D Division

Scientist. Biotechnologist. Researcher. Inventor. Innovator. Jedi Master. Champion of our innovations and inventions.