Wastewater Treatment That Leaves Your ETP Smelling of Roses

Our clients, one of India’s top manufacturers of organic and aromatic chemicals, essential oils, and perfumery chemicals, have a plant in Gujarat. They had been dealing with colour issues in their effluent when they approached us for a solution. Along with the colour in their effluent, they also wanted biosolutions for COD/BOD reduction and odour removal.

They were using a specific dye as a catalyst in their manufacturing process. This dye, pinkish to brownish color under alkaline conditions, was the only reason for the colour in their effluent. Until then, they had been using chemical-based solutions for wastewater treatment and the results were not effective.

We recommended treatment with Cleanmaxx to resolve all issues at their wastewater treatment plant.

etp layout fine fragrances

Cleanmaxx is a consortium of 76-90 different strains of microbes that help in effective reduction of wastewater parameters. These microbes are isolated from soil and secrete enzymes which are natural and safe and our research indicated CleanMaxx was the best solution for this particular effluent.

And the results bore this out.

Within 15 days of Cleanmaxx addition, the intensity of colour in the effluent started diminishing. And within 2 months the colour was totally removed from the effluent.

Foul odour resulting from organic load in the effluent was a nuisance for the treatment plant. Wastewater odour is most often associated with hydrogen sulphide and ammonia. The microbes in Cleanmaxx do not cause putrefaction during the degradation process and also enhance the rate at which ammonia is converted into nitrite and subsequently into nitrate, eliminating the release of ammonia gas.

Significant reduction in odour was noticed within 5 days of introducing Cleanmaxx and within 20 days, odour was completely eliminated.

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COD levels too were reduced by 97% using Cleanmaxx.

cod reduction chart

The best testimony to how effective Cleanmaxx was in this project comes from our client themselves.

“We have been using Cleanmaxx for the past 2 years and it helped us to achieve significant improvement in the performance of our Wastewater Treatment Plant in terms of COD reduction, handling shock loads very well, improvement in colour at the outlet, biomass development and improvement in efficiency of biological system”

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