Why It’s The Best Time To Do Home Composting During COVID-19

home composting

At an individual level, the pandemic COVID-19 has stressed the need for personal hygiene and a clean surrounding for healthy living. The current scenario has educated people at large on how to take cleanliness seriously and how to prevent oneself from all kinds of diseases. More are now aware of the importance of solid waste management as well.

Similarly at the societal level, it has led to a massive change in approach towards understanding the environment. Many reports suggest that air pollution has reduced and water resources have rejuvenated in different parts of India and the world. It should be an eye-opener for policymakers as well as the government on the importance of the eco-friendly way of living.

In other words, the individuals and society at large have started to think more responsibly. It must be followed by action as well. And you can begin with home composting. It not only supports the fight against the Coronavirus but also helps to tackle environmental pollution and climate change which have been a critical problem, often highlighted by eco-warriors and warned by environment experts.

The COVID-19 situation has overwhelmed one and all. A large amount of biomedical waste in relation to the treatment of COVID-19 patients and otherwise is generated by India. There are specific guidelines laid down by CPCB for the handling of such waste. It has also expressed additional advisory to keep public places clean and safe disposal of waste from quarantined households. This has put a lot of pressure on the sanitary workers, waste management professionals and municipal corporations who are working tirelessly to keep the place waste-free and thereby preventing the spread of Coronavirus. Therefore, it is crucial that as good citizens of India we must support their hard work by doing our part. And the best way you can do it is by treating the waste at its source, segregating the waste into dry and wet and making compost at home.

Many cities in India are polluted and the air quality is low as per the World Health Organization. Every year 1.2 million people die of air pollution in India. And the solid waste consisting of harmful toxins and chemicals due to filled landfills and lack of waste management facilities, are major contributors to the problem. Home composting can be a great solution to counter it.


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How can you do home composting?

Home composting is a simple and easy way to manage waste. You can start composting even if you are living in an apartment. There are compost bins with lids for aeration or you can use an old bucket which has holes and an airtight lid which is more than enough. You can decompose everything that has carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen and there are many such materials. This includes newspapers, vegetable and fruit scraps, eggshells and much more.

Begin by segregating waste into dry and wet waste. The wet waste can include weeds, fruit and vegetable peels, tea bags, grass cuttings, straw and much more. The dry waste can be dry leaves, cardboard, hair, cotton wool, eggshells, nutshells, paper etc. Along with that here are some things to avoid – oil, coal ash, soiled tissues, plastic, metal, animal bones, dairy etc.

If you have a garden, a specification of meter by meter space is enough to do home composting. Moreover, if you are living in residential apartments, follow community composting which can ease the burden of waste authorities exponentially.

Generally, people neglect home composting because it takes time to break down the organic waste and turn into nutrients which can be used by plants. Well, there are biological and eco-friendly solutions from Organica Biotech which can help you. SoilMate is one of the best products that have multiple benefits. It quickens the composting process with the fast-acting microbes. The effective formulation eliminates the odour problem which emanates from compost. Also, it repels insects and flies attracted by compost easily.

The COVID-19 has inculcated some newfound good habits in people and the community. It is, therefore, the best time to hold onto it and follow home composting as well. This will help the fight against pandemic as well as the long term problem of pollution.

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