Wastewater Treatment That Gets Rid of All Your Headaches

Pharma manufacturing is an extremely regulated process all over the world for obvious reasons. Even the slightest of miscalculations or contamination in the process can spell a public health disaster. This is equally true for pharma API manufacturing as well. Not only does the manufacturing process need to be foolproof, effluent treatment protocols also need to meet health and safety regulations and there are a number of variables that could cause issues in the wastewater treatment plants at such facilities.

Our clients, one of India’s leading pharma API manufacturers, were struggling with one such issue with their West India plant. They have a large aerobic treatment plant with a capacity of 400 KLD and the issue they needed our help with was inordinately large levels of ammoniacal nitrogen in their effluent.

High levels of ammoniacal nitrogen in wastewater is a regulatory and environmental concern. Such wastewater, when released, can cause severe damage to habitats and the aquatic life it comes in contact with. At our client’s plant, ammoniacal nitrogen was in the range of 750-800 ppm.

After checking the effluent parameters, our team recommended immediate treatment with Cleanmaxx.

Cleanmaxx is a technologically advanced consortium of specially selected bacteria with a high biomass generation rate and ability to withstand fluctuations in the wastewater environment. Cleanmaxx encourages rapid COD/BOD reduction and reduces time & energy required for effective treatment, thereby cutting CAPEX/OPEX costs.

We started treatment with Cleanmaxx at our client’s plant with a 60-day treatment plan and the results were drastic. By the end of 60 days, ammoniacal nitrogen levels had dropped to less than 150 ppm, and further stabilised at levels less than 100 ppm thereafter.

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Our clients were thrilled with the results and have been our customer for the last 2 years, which we think is the best indicator of the efficiency of our solutions.

If you are struggling with inefficient nitrification at your wastewater treatment plant or if your any of your effluent parameters are beyond expectations, please fill in the form below to know how we can solve your wastewater woes, combining the advantages of nature and science.

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