Use Organic Products For Cleaning And Sanitizing Offices/Hotels Post Covid-19 Lockdown

Washroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator

With government relaxing lockdown norms, office spaces, restaurants and hotels have opened up or are in the process of re-opening across the country, of course with certain conditions or limited capacity. Post Covid-19 lockdown, safety, and health continue to be the top priority. Thus, effective cleaning and sanitization methods have to be carried out to keep the infection at bay.

While many people often use the terms cleaning, sanitization, and disinfecting interchangeably, there are significant differences among them. Cleaning by definition means the process followed to remove dirt, impurities, and germs from different objects. It may or may not include the elimination of germs. It certainly reduces the risk of infection from spreading.

Sanitization can be understood as the process wherein which germs are removed from the surfaces or objects to an acceptable limit. This often is necessitated to meet the health guidelines or standards laid down by the authorities.

Disinfection is known to kill germs present in the surfaces or objects. Strong chemicals are used to achieve this goal. You can find the disinfection procedure followed routinely in hospitals and food processing units.

It is important to understand that the cleaning process is a must before achieving sanitization and disinfection objectives. Effective cleaning procedures must precede sanitization and disinfection activities in office spaces, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals for the said activities to be successful.

Post Covid-19, all the establishments must carry out cleaning, sanitization, and disinfection procedures as per rules and guidelines. In offices, all the indoor spaces have to be cleaned and disinfected after office hours in the evening or early morning. Thorough cleaning is advised for washrooms and toilets. Proper cleaning work must be carried out if the premise is dirty as per the guideline for public spaces.

Similarly as per the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India – FSSAI and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, preventive measures like a deep cleaning of washrooms at regular intervals and disinfection and cleaning in guest areas and common areas is mandatory for restaurants. Moreover, there are common touch points like switches, doorknobs, handles, phones, tables, and chairs which need to be cleaned.

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To carry out the cleaning process, people often prefer chemical-based cleaners to do the job. The common notion that the stronger the chemicals, the better is the cleaning effect is utterly wrong. In fact, harsh chemicals in the cleaning products when used can cause indoor air pollution in offices and hotel spaces. The emission of toxic Volatile Organic Compounds – VOCs inside a closed space like a washroom or spaces which lack ventilation can be devastating.

Organic cleaning products are a great alternative to chemical cleaners for cleaning the premises before sanitization and disinfection procedures. Organica Biotech has a wide range of organic cleaning products by the name OB Care. These are natural, eco-friendly, safe, and very effective cleaning solutions formulated especially for commercial spaces. The preparation of the solution varies for different applications.

-OB Care Multi-purpose Cleaner is useful in cleaning and sanitizing common touchpoints in offices and restaurants and prevents germs from spreading.

-OB Care Floor Cleaner is an organic floor cleaner used for cleaning and sanitizing all floor types. Additionally, it acts as a fly repellent.

-OB Care Washroom Cleaner and Odour Eliminator is the best product in the market to clean the washroom floor, urinal wall, and sink.

Additionally, OB Degreaser is a natural degreaser which effectively cleans dining tables and kitchen platforms in the cafeteria.

Post Covid-19 lockdown, use Organica Biotech’s OB Care range of cleaning products to maintain a safe and healthy environment at the office, restaurants, and other commercial spaces.

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Post by Ankita Goyal