Introducing The ThinkSafe Range Of Organic Cleaning Solutions

A healthier, safer future for your children starts in your home. 

By now, you’re probably aware that most household cleaning products are laden with toxic chemicals. They’re present ostensibly to serve a range of purposes from adding fragrance to dislodging stubborn grime, but their presence has been linked to huge health risks – from respiratory trouble to skin allergies and most recently, obesity too – and significant pollution of the air, our waterways and soil systems. It is high time indeed to go for eco cleaning products.

Bacteria and obesity

In December 2017, the US FDA issued a final ruling on a list of potentially toxic active ingredients, present in antibacterial surface cleaners and hand-washes. In September 2018, The Canadian Medical Journal Association published a study that analysed the gut flora of 757 infants between ages 3-4 months and weight at ages 1 and 3 years, specifically to observe the differences caused in exposure to disinfectants, detergents and eco-friendly products used in the home. It was seen that in households where disinfectants such as multi-surface cleaners were used, children showed lower levels of Haemophilus and Clostridium bacteria but higher levels of Lachnospiraceae, as well as a higher-than-optimum BMI, steeply increasing their propensity to obesity. Whereas infants in households that used eco-friendly cleaners had different microbiota and were less likely to be overweight as toddlers.

Ecological health matters

While health concerns have prompted some awareness about the need to evaluate the chemical composition of the cleaning products we typically use, recent studies on wastewater treatment (where all the water from our homes eventually goes) have shown a crucial need for effective methods of sludge treatment in a biological way that keeps the natural microbiome composition largely undisturbed.

An unnatural spike in the chemical composition in sludge, caused by rising levels of anti-bacterial and other chemicals that drain away from homes, disturbs the natural process, over time causing a huge imbalance in local environments. It seems hard to imagine that a mere cap-full of the floor cleaner you use in your home once a day could be linked to something as serious as a rise in hormone levels in water that could, in turn, be causing obesity in children. But the truth is, this is the price we could potentially pay for ignoring the biological effects of what we drain and leech back into our planet. Thus, eco cleaning products are the future of cleaning.

Think forward, think safe 

Of course, this is not to say one must go back to using primitive methods of cleaning. The condition of our modern lives demands effective and efficient methods of cleaning that can enhance the quality of our lives. And as a forward-thinking organisation committed to creating a sustainable future through innovation, we’ve been thinking long and hard about developing natural cleaning products that are built around the need to safeguard the biology and ecology in the areas they will be used. This is the cornerstone around which we have developed ThinkSafe – a range of non-toxic, non-corrosive, ammonia and chlorine-free biodegradable, eco cleaning products for home.

With ThinkSafe, we’ve taken an important step towards examining what we discard from our homes, and how it impacts the cleanliness of our environment, as much as what comes in. Made from plant-based ingredients our floor and toilet cleaners provide a healthy solution that is not only safe for you and your family but also helps fight the very real challenges with cleaning – stubborn stains, bacteria and odour. What’s more, the eco cleaning products also have a neutral pH balance which means it is neither too acidic nor basic, making it safe for use in toilets connected to septic tanks. A neutral pH helps preserve the essential microflora of the septic tank, ensuring a healthy biological beginning for degradation of sewage.

Sewage sludge forms a large quantity of waste products of municipal wastewater entering a treatment plant. It’s time to look at responsible and eco-conscious ways of not just managing or processing it, but also the condition and composition it attains as it leaves our homes. And this is where choosing eco cleaning products becomes crucial. This change must be sparked in smaller local environments. The impact of the chemicals each household creates, which leeches into the waterways and back into the soil, when multiplied by thousands and millions of households across cities and states amounts to a huge accumulation of chemicals that will eventually find their way back into our bodies.

What better place to begin, than in your homes, where your loved ones will be the first to be impacted by this? Think Safe. Make a new beginning and use eco cleaning products.

ThinkSafe Floor Cleaner and Toilet Cleaner are available on Amazon.

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