The Magic Gro Plus Revolution

In the world of cultivation, whether for fruit produce, ornamental specimen, grain or vegetables, foliage or flowers, some amount of what is called “fruit drop” is considered normal when it occurs at a certain stage of development. Flower and fruit drop is the premature shedding of fruit from a tree before its time, before it is fully ripe and useful. This kind of fruit drop has long been a foe and a hindrance for farmers and cultivators the world over.

However, this can be alarming if a very large number of fruit or produce “drops” or is lost prematurely, before it’s time. The typical and most common causes for premature fruit drops are climate stresses such as unseasonal rains, gale, excessive and unexpected windy weather; and pest infestations. Not only does this result in a loss of produce and eventual revenue and profits for the cultivator, but could also be an indicator of a number of other hidden problems that are inhibiting or stunting the agricultural drive.

These include:

  1. Nutrient deficiencies: typically seen in yellowing leaves which indicate a nitrogen deficiency, however there may be others too.
  2. Moisture management: excessive watering, insufficient draining, or too little irrigation too can cause imbalance in the growth curve of fruit and flowering trees
  3. Excessive pruning
  4. Pest infestation
  5. Extreme temperature fluctuations


Flower and fruit drop occurs at different stages in different crops, and can weaken the fruit and plants, further triggering them to drop due to external stress such as pests and climate. In some cases, the problem of fruit drop tends to be very serious, setting off right at the time of fruit-set, and it can get very severe as the stages of fruit development progress.

The greater issue is that dropped fruits are usually badly damaged, either from pests or from having fallen a great height, prematurely. So, even if they are picked, they tend to have a very low value compared with those picked from the tree, at their right time of ripening. This significantly impacts the cultivators potential to reap profits from his produce. The losses resulting from fruit drop are a pain point most of them are looking to overcome, in a healthy and sustainable way.

This is where the gifts of advanced biotech can effectively help reshape agriculture-drive and nip the issue in the bud, so to speak. Magic Gro Plus utilises microbiome technology researched and developed especially for commercial agriculture. The power of this product lies in the fact that it isn’t just a few strains of bacteria introduced to the crop but a holistic approach that takes into consideration the entire microbial community. What’s more, the product is designed to help crops manage diverse climatic and soil conditions. The advanced biotechnology that forms the basis for the development of Magic Gro Plus builds on biosensors and bioactivators – i.e. : the technology to sense micro-nutrient deficiency and enhance the transportation of micro-nutrients to the required areas. It also helps improve nutrient and water uptake, thereby fighting mineral deficiencies and strengthening plant defence system against climatic stress and pest infestation. Magic Gro Plus could very well be the answer to most key causes for fruit drop.

The link between the rhizosphere, microbes and plant health
The rhizosphere is a narrow region of soil that is in close contact with the root area of any plant. It is directly influenced by root secretions and associated soil microorganisms in the area. Essentially, it contains several kinds of bacteria and other microorganisms that play a role in plant health by feeding on dead and discarded plant cells (through a process known as rhizodeposition), proteins and sugars released by roots.

By nature, and sheer virtue of the activity it is involved in it is a very dynamic area and environment where plants, soil, microorganisms, nutrients and water mingle, interact and impact one another. Plants maintain a complex interaction with their rhizospheric organisms – a relationship that is crucial for assimilation of nutrients, healthy development and building of essential defence mechanisms from disease and decay.
Root microbes and microorganisms and their associations are therefore responsible for the increase of nutrient uptake by plants, especially in nutrient poor environments. Additionally, microbes also positively impact seed germination by softening the hard covering.

Microbial biosensors, is loaded with biosensors that build on enhancing these natural processes by sensing micronutrient deficiencies in the plant system. They are essentially biological receptors that engage a feedback mechanism using select biochemical pathways to achieve desired biochemical changes. They play a role in stimulating bioactivators to transport micronutrients such as minerals, enzymes, amino acids, growth hormones, etc. from the local environment into the plant system.

Some key features of Magic Gro Plus are:

  1. High concentration of helpful soil microbes which are natural and safe. These microbes enhance soil biology and reduces the chances of plant disease
  2. The principle of Biosensors and Bioactivators. Biosensors sense micro nutrient deficiencies in the plant system and activate the Bioactivators which transport the micro nutrients from the local environment into the plant system.
  3. Natural and safe, thereby reduces the dependence on chemical applications
  4. Increases the buffering properties of soil, by increasing the humus level
  5. Has inherent bacteria that is capable of converting insoluble organic matter to soluble forms, thereby enhances their absorption into the plant system
  6. Is loaded with microbes that can produce compounds with the capacity to repel harmful bacteria
  7. Has product binding gums that enable soil to clump, which is crucial for the increase of its weight and improvement of water retention within the soil.
  8. Microbes also play a crucial role in seed germination, by softening the hard seed coat and thereby enabling faster seed germination

Some proven USPs of Magic Gro Plus include:

  1. Improved fruiting and flowering rates: since cultivators have a handle on managing potential threats this inevitably leads to a greater yield
  2. Decrease in fruit drops: With the major causes of fruit drop such as nutrient deficiency, vulnerability to climate stressors and moisture management being sensed and handled better through biosensors and bioactivators, there is a drastic reduction in fruit drops.
  3. Improved productivity: greater yield from the same piece of land always results in improved productivity rates for cultivators
  4. Protection from environmental stress and diseases: With nutrient levels in check, as well as the capability to sense deficiencies that could potentially weaken them, crops now have far greater capacity to be protected from environmental stresses and disease.
  5. Faster yield, crop-friendly: Without significant increase in labour or any other habits and practices, that still lead to a greater crop, we see a faster yield.
  6. Improves immunity: With nutrient deficiencies kept at bay, and pests and other potential disease also pre-emptively fought away, the crop builds greater immunity over time, leading to better life, performance and productivity

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