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Whether you’re giving growing a pesticide-free vegetable patch a shot or dabbling in a new hobby in a small corner of your terrace, the benefits of having a kitchen or home garden are immense. And with Magic Gro Plant Care, the science of gardening is now quite easily accessible.

Some amount of fruit drop – the premature shedding of fruit from a tree before its time – is considered normal in the world of cultivation. However, it is alarming when a very large number of fruit or produce “drops” or is lost prematurely. This kind of fruit drop has long been a cause of worry for farmers everywhere. Magic Gro is the solution.

Before 12,000 BC, when a climate change event occurred, man was more of a hunter-gatherer. Farming was ‘invented’ in different places: in West Asia about 12,000 BC, in Africa about 10,000 BC, in South America and China about 8000 BC. From these places, agriculture spread to Europe, northern Europe, Sudan and Native Americans between 7000 BC and 1 AD.

While Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a recognised media success, the absence of big-picture thinking is a serious threat to the success of the mission. And it will do nothing to solve the sanitation time bomb we are sitting on. We need to collectively explore sustainable solutions that address India’s sanitation challenges holistically without compromising our environment.