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As a business owner who wants to keep their company growing stronger and their workforce operating at maximum productivity, you don’t just need your staff to be well-trained, but healthy too. One of the essential things you must do to ensure employees’ well-being and safety is to keep the workplace clean. If you see your employees take sick leaves very often, it’s a warning sign that they are uncomfortable with the office environment, and that you need to fix it immediately. 

Waterless urinals that do away with the flushing mechanism, are being adopted globally to save gallons of water wasted in bathrooms everyday. It is known that mechanical urinals have spillover liquid on the ground and walls that emit a foul odour. Through this blog, we intend to educate readers on the functioning of waterless urinals and the right techniques to clean and maintain them.

Did you know? The food services industry generates close to 4 billion pounds of inedible grease waste each year. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every restaurant in the US alone generates grease waste ranging from 8,000 to 17,000 pounds. In the absence of a commercial grease trap, most of this waste ends up being discarded directly into the sewage system, or worse, local water bodies.