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Excessive chemical usage and misinformed farming practices have a drastic effect on our natural resources as well the quality and quantity of yield that most farmers achieve today. For the past two decades, Organica Biotech with world-class experience and extensive research have developed solutions for sustainable farming, plant growth and soil conditioning. The high quality, eco-friendly and innovative products help to increase yield and productivity under optimal and sub-optimal conditions.

Aromatic, full of flavour and a favourite for many, Vanilla is one of the most loved and popular flavours in the world. It is well known for flavouring ice creams and soft drinks.
Along with food types like coffee, chocolate chip cookies, custard and yoghurt, it is found in cosmetics, scents, soaps, and a wide range of perfumes as well. Vanilla is ubiquitous and an indispensable part of our lives.

There is a continuously increasing demand for food from the planet’s growing population. This has put a pressure on farmers worldwide to increase their yields. This is particularly difficult since around 20-30% of the yields are lost to the onslaught of pathogens, insects and weeds. The toll increases when we take climate change into consideration as well.

Avocados are supertasty and superhealthy. But growing avocados is superhard. They need a lot of water and they’re prone to a lot of diseases and pest infestations. If you want healthy avocados, you need a solution that will help avocados grow naturally.