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Dal Lake, one of the largest water bodies in Kashmir and a world-famous tourist attraction, contributes significantly to its economy through tourism, agriculture and fisheries. In addition, it has been a major source of food and water for the people residing in the area. However, pollution in Dal lake has become a concern in recent times as the water characteristics have drastically changed. Moreover, the unpleasant condition has affected the aesthetic value and has reduced the number of tourists visiting the lake.

Typically, a wastewater treatment plant follows three methods: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, which utilizes physical, biological and chemical processes respectively to treat wastewater. The biological treatment process plays a vital role in the breakdown of organic waste matter generated from households and different industries. There are mainly two types of biological wastewater treatment which are Aerobic biological treatment and Anaerobic biological treatment of effluent. This blog aims to discuss the former.

With the increasing use of advanced technologies for wastewater management and testing, scientists have identified many different types of pollutants which can drastically impact human health and the environment. Moreover, poor effluent quality may not meet standards and regulations established by authorities. Thus, advanced wastewater treatment technologies are required to reduce suspended solids, BOD, nutrients and toxic and remove pollutants in wastewater generated at domestic, industrial and agriculture fields.