Chemicals fertilizers are destroying not only our fragile ecosystems but adversely impacting the health of human beings. Using chemicals today makes the soil less fertile which results in more fertilizers being needed in the future. This impacts not only your bottom line as your production costs increase, but also affects soil fertility negatively and results in crops with lower nutrient output and harmful properties.

With our pioneering biosolutions that work effectively with organic and inorganic farming practices, farmers can now greatly reduce their dependence on chemical fertilizers. Fend off pests, give plants a good start, and secure nutrients with Magic Gro Plus, our pioneering microbiome enhancement technology.

Magic Gro Plus is our proprietary plant microbiome formulation, to be applied through soil and foliar application. It makes plants healthier and assists in early maturity.

Overall crop development
Helps in increasing nutrient uptake
Enhances photosynthetic activity
Improves fruit and flower setting
Increases crop productivity by 40 - 50%
Boosts plant immunity
Enhances tolerance to biotic and abiotic stress conditions


  • Industry Manor Condominium

    We are using Organica's composting machine, Compost King, to compost wet waste from the kitchen. The machine is simple to operate, and up to 80% reduction in volume is achieved in a day, while the final compost is prepared within 72 Hours. The process and final output are odourless. We highly recommend it to manage organic wet waste at source.

  • Sunil Channe, Raymond Limited, Textile Division, Chhindwara

    We use Bioclean Compost for our canteen kitchen waste at our facility in Boregaon, Chhindwara. We have seen significant improvement odour control. Composting is faster and of a much higher quality. We recommend Organica's approach to all industries looking to manage their kitchen waste sustainably.

  • Satish Barbade, Farmer in Amravati

    After using Magic Gro, my cotton yield has increased to 15 quintals/acre. The cotton is of better quality, and the plants are healthy and green.

  • Vasant Patil, Farmer in Jalgaon

    My banana farm was experiencing the dreaded Sigatoka disease that causes fungus and spots on the leaf area. I came across Magic Gro which not only reduced spots but improved overall fruit and plant health. Now my plantation is said to be the best in the district. I am thrilled with the results shown by Magic Gro.

  • Prasad Ahir, Farmer in Nashik

    My pomegranate farm was experiencing widespread fungal infections, leading to a reduction in fruit size and increase in fruit fall. I suffered substantial economic loss. After applying Magic Gro, I noticed an 85-90% reduction in infections and no new infections on treated plots. The fruit size also increased significantly. I recommend Magic Gro to all pomegranate farmers.

  • Balasaheb Bhavane, Farmer in Nashik

    Before using Magic Gro Dripsol and Magic Gro Super, my plants couldn't sustain the low winter temperatures, and their growth was retarded. Now, however, my plants are very healthy. The quality of the grapes has improved, and the overall yield of the plantation has also increased tremendously.

  • Ram Shankar, Farmer in Jalgaon

    The quality of my Sweet Limes is definitely better after using Magic Gro. The growth and fruiting of the plants have also improved as compared to last year.

  • Shantaram Patil, Farmer in Jalgaon

    Using Magic Gro in my banana plantation has significantly improved the growth and diseases resistance of the plants. It has reduced my dependence on chemicals and brought down my costs significantly.

  • Madhav Rao, Farmer in Dhule

    Despite all my efforts, my banana plantation yield was very poor. Then I heard of Magic Gro Super and Magic Gro DripSOL. I was sceptical in the beginning, but within a month my plants were greener. My yield has also increased significantly.

  • Subhash Awadh, Farmer in Nashik

    We used Magic Gro consistently for three years without any interference and the result: green and healthy crops. Grapes grew to their fullest bloom, and their quality was excellent. We experienced better immunity and excellent growth. Even the chilling cold did not have any adverse impact.


Riding the green wave into the future

Earth’s population is slated to touch the 10-billion mark not too far into the future. Not only does this call for a radical overhaul of our food distribution systems, it needs a brand-new, age-old look at food production too, beginning with agriculture.

Microbiomes are boosting Nigerian Agriculture

In countries like Nigeria, where agriculture is riddled with a host of challenges, there is a growing need to look at alternative ways to fuel the economy and introduce safer and more sustainable practices. Microbiome technology is the answer.

Science up your home and kitchen gardens

Whether you’re giving growing a pesticide-free vegetable patch a shot or dabbling in a new hobby in a small corner of your terrace, the benefits of having a kitchen or home garden are immense. And with Magic Gro Plant Care, the science of gardening is now quite easily accessible.