Smart Waterless Urinals, with no hardware changes!!!

Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd., founded in the year 2000, was started with a vision of developing sustainable products in the field of agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater management, sanitation, domestic/professional hygiene solutions and solid waste management.

Through its trailblazing approaches, the team has been continuously developing sustainable, innovative and future-ready solutions that continue to create a virtuous impact all across the globe.

Transcending our vision to save the earth’s limited resources, we identified water saving as a major goal. As part of the OB Care Professional range of products, we developed a Flushfree™ technology for urinals, the key highlight being that any urinal can be made waterless without making any structural changes to washrooms.

This solution has been successfully implemented at the Head Office of a reputed automobile company, based in Mumbai.

The Case:
The automobile giant, in its pursuit of going sustainable, installed waterless urinals with a cartridge mechanism. The cartridge mechanism has a non-returnable valve, this is one of the alternate methods of saving water in urinals. Unfortunately, they started facing washroom odour and to address the problem, they approached our Distributor.

Our Distributor visited the site and inspected their washrooms, as per our checklist. During the inspection, it was found that waterless urinal systems were not working properly. Besides this, there were no other plumbing issues.

It was concluded that the washroom odour was not because of plumbing issues but due to the installation of Waterless urinals with a cartridge system. Typically, in these kinds of mechanisms, urine residue builds up on the cistern walls and spills on the floor contributing to the washroom odour and creating an unpleasant atmosphere. While these systems do save water, the problem of odour persists and this has led to many institutions discarding the system.

Our Solution:
We recommended they use our OB Care Professional FlushFree™ Urinal Care Program. This Water Saving solution comprises a regular regime – FlushFree™ Urinal Spray and Urinal Drain Cleaner which is the main products and Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator and Toilet Bowl Cleaner as supportive products.

Within the OB Care Professional range, we have a breakthrough product FlushFree™ Urinal Spray which converts any urinal into waterless without any hardware changes.

Our FlushFree technology is carefully designed to neutralise urine residue using a scientific concoction of plant-derived medicinal oils and highly effective enzymes that break down urine residue at all the sites of accumulation, thereby eliminating odour at its source. Our proprietary plant-derived surfactant blend ensures 99.9% germ removal and 24×7 maintenance of hygiene.

How does the FlushFree™ technology work?
It breaks down urine and dirt residue, thus shielding drain pipes and preventing clogging.
It prevents ammonia generation, thereby preventing odour issues.
It also prevents the growth of germs, hence preventing the spread of diseases.

Coupled with FlushFree™ technology, our Molecular Sponge Technology adsorbs and neutralises washroom odour thereby creating a pleasant experience.

As a pilot, they tried our products in a single washroom having 6 urinals, for 15 days.

During this time, our team trained the Janitors on how to use our products with a step-by-step application process.

Application Process:
Step 1 – Disconnect the water supply to the urinal bowl.
Step 2 – Clean the urinal and allow it to dry. You can use OB Care Professional Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator or OB Care Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner to clean the urinal.
Step 3 – Spray FlushFree™ Urinal Spray every 2-4 hours (as per washroom traffic) on the walls of the urinals and their surroundings.
Step 4 – Clean the urinal at the end of the day with OB Care Professional Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator or OB Care Professional Toilet Bowl Cleaner.
Step 5 – Dilute 100ml of the Urinal Drain Cleaner in 1 litre of water.
Step 6 – Pour the diluted solution into each urinal once a week at the end of the day

After the pilot of 15 days, we handed over all the remaining washrooms to implement the same program.

In Conclusion:
OB Care Professional is natural & safe for a greener environment. Certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, Tested by NABL Accredited Lab, DSIR Approved In-House R&D, GMP Certified.

We have successfully implemented our Water Saving Solutions in corporate offices, malls, banquets, schools and colleges.

Post by Rakhee Makhija