Serving Wastewater Issues Tirelessly

With a penetrating experience of 17 years in the wastewater treatment industry we have redressed the grievances of over 3000 industries globally. Key issues worrying the wastewater treatment industry are high COD and BOD levels, MLSS development, sustaining the treatment mechanism at high TDS levels in the treated water and thus the difficulty in keeping up with PCB norms. We have catered to industries in the textile and die industry alongside pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, tanneries and numerous other sectors.

All our clients have acknowledged apt and timely treatment of wastewater and a speedy reduction in the organic load. While there efforts were going vein before using our revolutionary microbial product CleanMaxx, the results obtained afterwards were commendable.

  • COD and BOD levels were reduced to acceptable norms
  • The MLSS levels were in control
  • The water colour improved as a result of reduction of the organic load
  • It lead to cost efficiency in the process as our solution was highly effective

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We have an active presence in over 45 countries. Some of the many countries we have delivered satisfactory solutions to are Hungary, Bangladesh, Mexico, Singapore, UAE and Indonesia. The list is continuing.

We share some of our achievements

  • At a waste water treatment plant at Tokaj, Hungary with a daily flow of 1500 m3 we reduced the COD, Bod and ammoniacal nitrogen to acceptable levels
  • CleanMaxx was active at TDS levels of 60,000-75000 ppm at a waste water treatment plant in Maharashtra, India
  • Food Processing industry in Taloja industrial area India
  • At Miskolc Wastewater Treatment with plant flow of 40,000 m3/day we reduced the COD and BOD levels, reduced the sludge generated and the electricity consumed in the process thus saving on costs

Our success stories are many. Let us share one from Bangladesh.

Almost all dye units in Bangladesh are currently using our products for primary treatment in their wastewater treatment plants. The unique combination of a few microorganisms in our solution have bio polysacarides that act as natural coagulants . The enzymes in our product help breakdown the organic buildup leading to reduction of color in wastewater. As a result of the usage of our products, the use of chemicals has greatly reduced. This has lead to reduction in costs adding to the overall economy of the process. The drastic reduction in chemical use has also helped the environment vitally. The PH of the treated wastewater has become neutral in most cases, improving the cleanliness levels of released wastewater, thus making it not only within permissible limits of CPCB norms but also safe ecologically. Its now time to make another success story together.

Post by Priyanka Khaire