Septic Tank Effluent & Its Effects On Ground Water Quality in Algeria

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Algeria is the largest country in northern Africa. In this part of the world, water resources are estimated at 19.3 billion m3 /year, out of which 12.4 billion surface water and 6.9 billion groundwater are available. Most of the country’s surface is covered by the Sahara, and thus 90% of the population lives in the North. 

According to reports, most of the water resources are polluted due to a lack of proper municipal wastewater treatment. In the urban areas, 87% of the population is connected to a sewage network. But malfunctioning wastewater treatment plants have led to sewage being discharged into water bodies. Besides, septic tank systems are found to be polluting groundwater.

Some of the rural areas like Ain Soltane, also known as Ain Defla in Algeria has a significant number of septic tanks. These septic tanks are meant to treat the sewage with the help of living microorganisms which break down the waste. Anaerobic treatment of waste, carried out in the absence of oxygen, is the norm. 

Various studies were done in the area focused on regular monitoring of groundwater quality. The results showed a high concentration of organic and inorganic waste. Further analysis pointed out the presence of bacterial germs from faecal matter. It proved that septic tank system failures in the area are polluting groundwater and poses a health risk to the public. 

According to the World Health Organization – WHO, 75% of diseases are caused directly or indirectly due to water contamination. The extensive amount of toxins, pollutants and pathogenic microorganisms pose a major risk to the environment where septic tank effluent is released. The microorganisms have the capability to permeate the soil matrix and may increase the chance of groundwater contamination. This is exactly the case with many regions in Algeria. 

In the area under consideration in Algeria, septic tanks directly contribute to water pollution through organic matter, nutrients and pathogenic bacteria. Domestic waste is found to contain a high amount of dissolved solids and organic constituents which has low pH. The total coliforms above the permissible levels show how untreated human faeces lead to groundwater contamination.

Also, from the geological perspective, shallow water table depths and permeable gravels increase the risk. It is worthy to note that these characteristics are common in alluvial plains. Additionally, different characteristics of the area such as the low depth of piezometric levels of groundwater, and the high permeability of the unsaturated zone in this rural area, have led to this groundwater pollution problem.

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As multiple factors affect the groundwater system in Algeria, there is an urgent need for innovative solutions which are simple and cost-effective. The latest septic tank treatment solutions should be utilized in households to boost the performance of the septic system. It will prevent the untreated effluent from reaching the environment, soil and ultimately groundwater. 

Microbial treatment solutions for the septic tank has emerged as one of the best ways to improve septic tank system performance as it will treat the waste at the source. Organica Biotech is one of the leading companies with advanced solutions for septic tank system. Bioclean Septic is an innovative product used worldwide, and it can transform the sanitation system in Algeria. 

 The advanced solution consists of septic tank enzyme-producing bacteria that act on the faecal matter and degrade it completely. It prevents septic tank leakage or overflow issues. Plus, it is highly capable of preventing sludge buildup and curbs foul odour. Additionally, Bioclean Septic is a cost-effective and easy to use solution which can be used in households present in rural areas. Another major feature is that it is a completely safe and natural solution.

Bioclean Septic is one of the most effective solutions to protect the septic tank system in Algeria and prevent groundwater pollution. 

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