Revolutionize Your Toilet Cleaning Experience With Bio-switch

Cleaning toilets is an arduous task! Stubborn stains and foul odour are some common issues perturbing several individuals. However, a great cleaning can easily help one evade this frustration with ease. Numerous commercially available toilet cleaners and disinfectants contribute to significant indoor pollution. Acid is a major component of these disinfectants which can potentially irritate eyes, nose, lungs and throat. It is imperative that these chemicals are kept out of reach of children. Most chemical fragrances can result in several respiratory ailments.

These chemicals possess complex structures and their removal from waste water in treatment plants is extremely difficult. These chemicals disturb the balance of aquatic systems and hamper the growth of aquatic animals. Perpetual usage of acids can lead to yellowing of tiles and decrease the longevity of pipes and valves.

Bioswitch, is a new age solution for all your cleaning needs. It is completely organic formulation makes it ideal product for regular use. The beneficial probiotics in Bioswitch degrade complex waste in to simple products like carbon dioxide, thereby leading effective cleaning of toilets. It unfurls layers of fresh fragrance which leave your toilets in a fresh state! Its continual usage facilitates the clearing of clogged drain pipes. Experience a refreshing change with Bioswitch!

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How it works?

Bioswitch comprises of robust probiotics which compete with unhealthy bacteria or pathogens and inhibit their growth. These probiotics efficiently degrade the complex compounds and lead to removal of stubborn stains. This leaves your toilet clean and fresh always. This product is completely safe for use!

Directions of use

  1. Sprinkle around 5-10 grams of the product on wet surface
  2. Scrub with a brush
  3. Wait for s few minutes
  4. Rinse and enjoy the effective disappearance of stains and foul odour in a safe manner


  • Instant stain removal

  • Immediate odour control

  • Complete removal of dirt particles

  • Prevents the growth of harmful pathogens

  • Safe, environment friendly

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