Providing Bioclean BD For Septic Tank To The Defence


This line of defence is the primary Defence Organisation of India. One of the five Central Armed Police Forces of the Union of India, it was raised in the wake of the 1965 War on 1 December 1965, “for ensuring the security of India and for matters connected there with”. The organization has grown exponentially from a few battalions in 1965, to 186 battalions with a sanctioned strength of 257,363 personnel including an expanding air wing, marine wing, artillery regiments, and commando units.

With such a huge organization comes the responsibility of maintaining services required to complete mundane tasks. In these were raised a few small yet alarming concerns regarding sanitation that could directly or indirectly affect the health of officers.

Common Problems Encountered:

  • Overflow of Septic Tanks.
  • Emission of foul odour from septic tanks.
  • Inspite of proper maintenance, unhygienic conditions were encountered due to increased colonization of mosquitoes and flies.
  • Subsequent health hazard to defence officers due to the aforementioned conditions.

Situation Analysis : 

Defence Campus face sanitation issues as the usage of toilets is high. The heavy usage of toilet facilities leads to loaded septic tanks that ultimately results in overflow that hampers the aesthetic value of the environment and may cause ecological and sanitation problems. Many of the problems arising with septic tank systems are due to the lack of consideration given to the disposal of tank effluents. Effluents inside the septic tank is anoxic and hence they likely contain large numbers of pathogens that is a possible source of infection. Moreover, more suspended solids are discharged with the effluent. The incomplete degradation of these solids lead to the generation of H2S which subsequently causes odour problems.

Product Range :

bioclean bd 1

Bioclean BD – Robust Microbial Culture for improving sanitation

  • It is a consortium of beneficial microbes which are natural and safe.
  • Facilitate complete degradation of organic matter.
  • Bacteria in Bioclean BD have a shelf life of two years.

Organica’s Approach :

This is where our microbial culture “Bioclean BD” is a cut above any other. It comprises of a consortium of beneficial bacteria that can have a sustainable impact on the septic tank. It is an Accredited Microbial Culture by the ‘Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India’ and has proved its efficacy in an array of environmental conditions and has also performed in sub zero temperatures to degrade faecal matter quickly. Our micro-encapsulated bacteria ensures an increased shelf life. We have proposed our inoculate in various other defence organizations where it has worked wonderfully well. The implementation of Bioclean BD is technically easy, feasible and is easy to maintain.


  • Our representatives Mr. Kartik Kutty and Mr. Beryl Marshal collected the raw, untreated sample from the septic tanks, one at the site 1 and the other at the site 2 before commencement of septic tank treatment.
  • At the site 1, 5 kgs of Bioclean BD was mixed in 25 litres of water and poured into the toilet. This is helps in removing clogging in the pipes leading to the septic tank and ultimately the bacteria ends up in the septic tank.
  • The septic tank was stirred vigorously with a metal rod and 10 kgs of Bioclean BD was added to the septic tank.
  • At the site 2, 5 kgs of Bioclean BD was added to water and poured into the toilet and 10 kgs of Bioclean BD was added into the septic tank.
  • The rest 8 kgs of Bioclean BD was added in the next month as maintenance dose to both septic tank.

Onsite Images:

onsite defence 1

onsite defence 2

onsite defence 4

Results after 2 months:

After the conduction of dosing at the respective sites, the analysis report of the septic tank samples

The Raw Samples and the treated samples were tested. The Laboratory is a complete test house for testing of environment, drugs, pharmaceuticals & food samples. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified & BS OHSAS 18001:2007 Certified Laboratory. Test result sample of Raw and treated sample are as follows:

test certificate 2


Effective decrease in COD and BOD levels were observed. Almost 100% decrease in faecal coliform count was observed. The absence of faecal coliforms suggests the absence of disease causing pathogens and hence individuals exposed to the septic tank are free from the potential health risk that faecal coliforms cause. There is complete odour reduction at the IG Residence septic tank and visible sludge reduction. Also, the water has turned clearer.

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