Probiotics And Aquaculture

Mr. Rao has a 20-acre aquafarm in Vellore, Andhra Pradesh where he carries out freshwater shrimp farming. He had challenges maintaining water quality, resulting in decreased yield and a direct impact on his profits.

He was referred to us for a solution.

Shrimp farming in India is now a major source of livelihood for people in coastal people. In recent times, fisheries in India have been recognized as an important economic activity, consequently leading to a flourishing sector with varied resources and potentials.

Aquaculture in India has been historically mainly concentrated around the giant tiger prawn (P.monodon). Freshwater prawn farming has received increased attention only in the last two decades, driven primarily by increasing consumer demand. This increased attention (and demand) comes with concerns on obtaining maximum high-quality yield, while protecting shrimps from disease outbreaks and maintaining healthy pond environments.

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Mr. Rao shared these concerns. Maintaining water quality on his 20-acre farm was a huge challenge for him, related as it was to increasing yield to meet demand.

When Mr. Rao turned to us, our technical advisor in Andhra Pradesh had a ready solution already – Bioclean Aqua.

Bioclean Aqua is a natural and organic soil and water probiotics for fish, containing a mix of beneficial soil microbes that are natural and safe and can enhance soil biology and maintain a healthy environment inside the pond. These microbes maintain an efficient nitrification cycle in the pond thereby maintaining a healthy pond environment. The microbes also biologically degrade organic sludge and stabilize the dissolved oxygen levels in water. Healthy water quality promotes growth rate and hence the production of shrimps while an improvement in the FCR directly impacts animal weight. Bioclean Aqua ultimately maintains the pond water quality for better growth and higher, good quality yield in aquaculture.

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We advised Mr. Rao to use Bioclean Aqua at a concentration of 250 gms per acre, 3 days before stocking and continue with a maintenance dose of 100 gms per acre, every 10 days up to harvest.

comparison shrimp bioclean aqua

The results were almost immediate. Within a month, Mr. Rao could notice the difference. The pond water quality parameters were effectively maintained. The pH level in the pond was maintained stably between 7.8- 8.2. And the pond water color remained light green up to harvest.

The bottom of the tank was clean and there was minimal or no black soil. Most importantly, the shrimps looked fresh and there was no foul odour emission.