We solve everyday problems with innovative biological solutions straight from nature’s laboratory. We’re making sure humans have a place in the Earth’s future.

As individuals, as communities, as economies, we each have a responsibility to protecting life as we know it and safeguarding it for future generations.

Dr. Ganesh Kamath / Director


Let nature boost your business

For over two decades we’ve been harnessing the science in nature to innovate a wide range of products and solutions to solve environmental challenges. From lab to site, our team of experts partner with you to turn our products into clear performance value.

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Essential Oils Used In Cleaning Products & Its Anti-Viral And Anti-Bacterial Properties

While we spend more time indoors due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, regular cleaning and disinfecting is essential to keep oneself healthy. Cleaning products made of essential oils are one of the most natural, safe and potent ways for cleaning and to remove dirt, debris, bacteria and viruses as well

What Is Biological Wastewater Treatment And How Effective It Is?

Approximately 38,300 million litres of sewage is generated daily in the major cities of India as per a recent report from the UN water activity information system. The number is staggering, isn’t it? If you are thinking from where does such a huge amount of wastewater generate? There are majorly two sources – Industrial waste and Domestic sewage. As both the population of India and Industrial Landscapes is increasing at a phenomenal speed, wastewater volume has also seen an alarming rise.

Biological Seed Treatment: Enhancing The Growing Power Of Plants

There is a continuously increasing demand for food from the planet’s growing population. This has put a pressure on farmers worldwide to increase their yields. This is particularly difficult since around 20-30% of the yields are lost to the onslaught of pathogens, insects and weeds. The toll increases when we take climate change into consideration as well.

How Chemical Cleaners Are Damaging Your Septic Tank And What’s The Best Solution

All kinds of home and kitchen waste, solid and liquid waste reach the septic tank. It is more like a local small scale sewage treatment plant where waste is treated and, wastewater is flown through the pipes into the soil.
In an ideal scenario, the waste is treated naturally with the help of microbes and is eliminated. But with increasing usage of household chemicals and population density in the urban areas, septic tanks are found to face a plethora of issues which are a direct consequence of improper usage and maintenance of the septic tank.

What are the uses of Probiotics in Aquaculture

Aquaculture today one of the chief contributors to global food production. Statistics also suggest aquaculture to be the highest growing sector than other food production systems To be at par with the demand, aquaculture production practices have intensified over the year

Why composting is important & how do i compost at home?

The amount of garbage that India produces has made it even difficult to find more landfill sites. India stands 3rd among the largest garbage producers in the world. As estimated, by 2050 India’s waste count can go up by 436 million tons which is huge.