We solve everyday problems with innovative biological solutions straight from nature’s laboratory. We’re making sure humans have a place in the Earth’s future.

As individuals, as communities, as economies, we each have a responsibility to protecting life as we know it and safeguarding it for future generations.

Dr. Ganesh Kamath / Director


Let nature boost your business

For over two decades we’ve been harnessing the science in nature to innovate a wide range of products and solutions to solve environmental challenges. From lab to site, our team of experts partner with you to turn our products into clear performance value.

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Efficient Anaerobic Digestion Process For Wastewater Treatment And Biogas Production

The biological treatment of wastewater is one of the most important processes. The by-products of anaerobic treatment is used in biogas production.

Oil Spill In Mauritius And The Bioremediation Solution

There is an urgent need for large scale implementation and use of biological solutions or oil bioremediation to treat oil spills.

Bioremediation Of Soil Using Microorganisms And Cleaning the Environment

Bioremediation of soil is the best method to naturally improve the condition of the soil and clean up the environment. In the bioremediation of soil, microbes feed on chemical pollutants by using metabolic mechanisms.

Sustainable Agriculture In Bhutan: How Hydroponics And Organic Farming Is The Future

There is an urgent need for a comprehensive farming sector policy, maximizing sustainable farming practices, and education about the use of the latest biological solutions, and here is where hydroponics can contribute.

Why Should You Green Up Your Cleaning Routine With Organic & Sustainable Cleaning Products

The wide range of organic cleaning solutions like Washroom Cleaner & Odour Eliminator, Organic toilet cleaner -Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Multi-purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, and Fly Repellent, Kitchen Cleaning products – Degreaser, Kitchen Drain Cleaner, Dishwash Liquid, help clean commercial spaces efficiently.

What Happens To Sewage Sludge At Wastewater Treatment Plants

Due to the excessive load of waste received by malfunctioning wastewater treatment plants, sludge treatment is often not accomplished as desired. There are now strong biological solutions that help in wastewater and sludge treatment.