FlushFree ™ Urinal Care Program

Urinal flushing results in a loss of 30,000* litres of water a year – from each urinal. Over 95% of human waste is liquid and water used for flushing urine significantly increases net sewage volume. Water usage in urinal flushing is a global challenge, resulting in millions of litres of water being wasted.

Our revolutionary FlushFree ™ Urinal care program solves these problems. The technology comprises the FlushFree ™ Urinal Spray and Urinal Drain Cleaner. Together, they revolutionise urinal cleaning.

FlushFree ™ waterless urinals eliminate the use of fresh water for flushing and also the corresponding sewage volume. Conventional urinals can be converted to waterless ones without structural modifications.

*Calculated based on 50 flushes per day per urinal & 2 litres of water per flush

Advanced, Revolutionary Technology
The unique FlushFree ™ Urinal Care program is a consortium of active enzymes that prevent the formation of urine by-products that are the primary reason for foul rest room odours. The enzymes also degrade uric acid deposits keeping your drains unclogged.

• Saves water
• Saves money
• Eliminates odour
• Keeps drains unclogged
• No hardware changes required
• Compatible with all urinal systems
• Protects the environment

FlushFree ™ Urinal Spray
Ready to use product (to be sprayed every 2-4 hours based on traffic)

Disconnect the water supply and spray the liquid in the urinal bowl making sure to coat the entire surface. Spray on the sides of the bowl and the floor under it. Spray every 2-4 hours for best results and a delightfully, pleasant smelling rest room.

Urinal Drain Cleaner
Area of Application: Urinals and surrounding areas
A specially formulated consortium of enzymes to degrade urinary waste and keep the urinal drain unclogged. The non-acidic and non-corrosive action gently cleans urinals and drains. To be used once a week at the end of the day.

Dilution Ratio
100 ml in 1L water for each urinal.

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  • Yogesh D Bidvai, AVP Commercial (Warehouse), Adani Electricity Mumbai LimitedWe carried out a trial of OB Care's FlushFree Urinal Care program on 6 urinals at our facility at Dahanu. We were very happy that despite not using water for flushing, there was no foul odour emanating from the urinals. This concept is the apt solution for saving water being flushed down urinals while maintaining a pleasant rest room atmosphere. I would personally recommend others to adopt this concept to save water.

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