Is your workplace good for your health?

The average person is exposed to several chemicals every day! And you don’t even have to be employed in a chemical factory! This exposure is from chemicals found in the detergents, floor cleaners and odour eliminators – all found in the safe environs of your own home or office.

Scientists have found that the chemicals used in cleaning products are one of the primary sources of indoor and outdoor pollution. Volatile organic compounds present in cleaning chemicals are responsible for increased indoor pollution. Prolonged exposure is detrimental to human health leading to several ailments.

When you flush these chemicals down the drain, they also find their way into the environment and degrade slowly or incompletely threatening animal and plant life and contaminating our water supply.

You can now make a change.

The environmental Jedi

Organica Biotech is a pioneering environment biotech company. We champion environmental conservation through our work in agriculture, sanitation, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and solid waste management. Our thirst for innovation and environmental protection has given us a place in ‘Top 20 Environment Biotech Companies in the world’ in the OMICS List.

For over two decades we’ve been harnessing the science in nature to innovate a wide range of products and solutions to solve environmental challenges. From lab to site, our team of experts partner with you to turn our products into clear performance value.

Now we’re bringing you a range of products that will help you do your bit to protect the environment and keep your workplace clean and fresh smelling without burning a hole in your budget.

Introducing the OB Care range of organic cleaning solutions for offices, institutions, hotels and restaurants!

Read about our OB Care range of organic cleaning solutions or download this PDF brochure that you can share with your colleagues to help them understand how moving to OB Care will help your health while helping the environment.


Don’t flush the future away!

Introducing Organica Biotech’s revolutionary FlushFree ™ Urinal Care Program that allows you to save over 30,000 litres of water with each urinal every year! And you can do this without any structural changes to your current urinal.


  • Durgesh Kushwaha, Engineer, Taj Ganges, VaranasiThe natural enzymatic kitchen drain cleaner is excellent.
  • Yogesh D Bidvai, AVP Commercial (Warehouse), Adani Electricity Mumbai LimitedWe carried out a trial of OB Care's FlushFree Urinal Care program on 6 urinals at our facility at Dahanu. We were very happy that despite not using water for flushing, there was no foul odour emanating from the urinals. This concept is the apt solution for saving water being flushed down urinals while maintaining a pleasant rest room atmosphere. I would personally recommend others to adopt this concept to save water.
  • Pradeep Chand, Chief Engineer, Vivanta by Taj - Ambassador, DelhiWe have used OB Care's Kitchen Drain Cleaner at our property in Ahmedabad. Fats, oils and grease in the line is degraded optimally. There has been no clogging of the pipes and odour has been eliminated significantly.
  • The Gateway Hotel, AhmedabadThe first thing we noticed after using Organica's Kitchen Drain Cleaner was the remarkable elimination of odour from the drainage lines. The nuisance caused by flies, mosquitoes and other insects has also reduced significantly.