Bioflok | Biofloc Technology Microbial Formulation for Fish Farming

Biofloc Technology Microbial Formulation for Fish Farming
Biofloc technology is a technology that removes waste created by aquatic animals and provides nutrition to aquatic animals. Bioflok is our dense probiotic formulation fortified with selective natural and eco-friendly bacteria specifically required for Biofloc fish farming system enabled with biofloc technology. It maximizes the productivity of biofloc fish farming activity.
The Probiotic bacteria present in our biofloc preparation formula will do an excellent job in facilitating the rapid breakdown of nitrate and ammonia in the biofloc fish farming system. This biofloc preparation formula promotes enhanced and healthy proteinaceous floc formation. It enhances the FCR ratio and ensures limited or zero water exchange. Also, Biofloc fish farming is considered as one of the best sustainable farming methods today.


1. Helps with Healthy and enhanced floc formation with 3-4 days
2. Lowers ammonia and nitrate levels
3. Healthy & increased body weight of fish and shrimp
4. Prevents diseases by maintaining healthy water quality
5. Cost effective biofloc preparation formula
biotechnology fish farming


    biotechnology fish farming

    Fish Farming pdf - Aquaculture Management

    Powered by advanced biotechnology, Organica Biotech offers a wide range of excellent products for efficient Aquaculture Management including Biofloc technology. Customers from all over India love our products and reap great results. Download the fish farming pdf and get deep insights on how it can help you.

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    Bioflok- Biofloc Fish Farming pdf

    Biofloc technology is an innovative technology for sustainable fish farming. Bioflok developed by Organica Biotech is an aquatic probiotic which helps in maintaining excellent water quality and degrades organic sludge. Want more information?
    Download biofloc fish farming pdf.


    What is Biofloc fish farming?

    Biofloc fish farming is an intensive aquaculture system in which biofloc or bacterial floc is introduced into reinforced geomembrane lined aquaculture ponds which convert  the waste created by aquatic animals into edible mass. This edible mass is rich in protein and has probiotic effect. The higher C:N ratio is maintained through the addition of carbohydrate and the water quality is improved through production of high quality single cell microbial protein. Probiotics also serve as immunostimulants to decrease FCR, inhibit pathogenic bacteria and offers zero to negligible water exchange. Please check our biofloc preparation formula product Bioflok which is  dense probiotic formulation fortified with selective natural and ecofriendly bacteria specifically required for Biofloc technology.

    Biofloc technology is used to remove waste from water. This system uses set of bacteria that are good bacteria. These are probiotics that kill harmful bacteria. Thus maintaining the water quality. They have the capability to convert nitrogen in the water, into proteins. The biofloc fish farming is an intensive aquaculture system in which biofloc or bacterial floc is introduced into reinforced geomembrane lined aquaculture ponds, which convert the waste created by aquatic animals into edible mass. This edible mass is rich in protein, vitamins,  and micronutrients and act as probiotics in aquaculture. This improves the immunity of aquatic animals. In traditional aquaculture, frequent water exchange is required resulting is wastage of water and larger expenses. Biofloc fish farming technology offers zero water exchange.

    What are the benefits of biofloc fish farming?

    Following are the benefits of biofloc fish farming:

    • Improved Bio security.
    • Improved feed conversion.
    • Improved water use efficiency.
    • Increased land use efficiency.
    • Improved water quality control.
    • Reduced sensitivity to weather changes.
    • Ecofriendly culture system.
    • Limited to zero water exchange.
    • Higher productivity.
    • Reduces water pollution and spread of pathogens.
    • Cost effective feed production.
    • Reduces utilization of protein rich feed and also the cost of standard fed. 
    • Reduces the pressure on capture fisheries.

    Which species are best for bioflock fish farming?

    Biofloc fish farming is best for the species that can derive nutritional benefit from direct consumption of floc. The species that can tolerate high solid concentration in water and are generally are generally tolerant of poor water quality are most suitable for biofloc fish farming. All most all biofloc technology are used to grow shrimp, tilapia or carps. Some also raise catfish in biofloc systems.

    How to maintain floc in Biofloc fish farming?

    In Biofloc fish farming it is essential to maintain 30 to 40 ml of flocs per 1000 ml of water. Decrease in amount of flocs will lead to increase in ammonia levels. If flocs  increase then water will become dense causing difficulties for the fish to breath. If the floc is reduced then add probiotics with molasses and in case of increased flocs old water can be exchanged with new water. 

    What are the equipments required in bioflock fish farming set up?

    Following are the equipments required in biofloc fish farming set up:

    • Iron Frame
    • Tarpaulin Tank
    • PVC Pipe
    • Aeration Pump
    • Fittings
    • Air Tubes
    • Air tube Connectors
    • Air stones


    Is biofloc fish farming cost-effective?

    Yes, biofloc fish farming prevents fish diseases and fish kills and maximize output. Also, you can save on feed as fish excreta and waste is easily converted into food for fishes.

    Can Shrimps be grown using biofloc fish farming?

    Yes, biofloc fish farming technology is used to grow shrimp in different parts of India.

    Why water exchange is not required in biofloc fish farming?

    The microbes known as autotrophs and heterotrophs in the biofloc fish farming system consume inorganic and organic compound and thus purifies water and improve water quality.

    What is the cost of Bioflok and how to use it in biofloc fish farming?

    Please contact us on +917715868555 or email to to know about the cost and other information.

    What is biofloc?

    Biofloc is a process that includes confined aquatic animals, heterotrophic bacteria, and other microbial species in the water. This process is beneficial for the ecosystem because it helps to break down organic matter and recycle nutrients.

    What is biofloc fish farming?

    Biofloc fish farming is a method that is helping fish farmers to achieve a variety of objectives, including high output, low cost, sustainable growth, better income opportunities, less area, and less maintenance cost. This method is available today and is helping farmers to meet their goals.

    What is biofloc technology in aquaculture?

    According to the definition, biofloc technology (BT) is a method that uses bacteria, algae, protozoa, and other organic matter to improve water quality and waste management in aquaculture systems. This technology is effective in preventing disease and improving water quality in intensive aquaculture systems.

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