Microbial formulation for Biofloc fish farming

Bioflok is our dense probiotic formulation fortified with selective natural and ecofriendly bacteria specifically required for Biofloc system.
The Probiotic bacteria present in our product will do an excellent job in facilitating the rapid breakdown of nitrate and ammonia in the biofloc system. This product promotes enhanced and healthy proteinaceous floc formtaion. It enhances FCR ratio and ensures limited or zero water exchange.


Bioclean Aqua Plus boosts the food uptake in vannamei shrimp allowing them to be cultured at high stocking densities without undergoing nutrient stress, and boosts their tolerance to fluctuating weather conditions. The beneficial bacterial in Bioclean Aqua Plus keep the soil and water environment of vannamei shrimp clean despite their high growth rate by rapidly degrading sludge. Bioclean Aqua Plus controls the spread of pathogenic bacteria in the water environment thereby preventing diseases such as white leg disease. Bioclean Aqua Plus is certified antibiotic free by the Coastal Aquaculture Authority – India.


1. Designed to support high seeding density ratio of vannamei shrimp in smaller tank volume
2. Keeps soil and water environment clean and disease free by sludge reduction and prevention of noxious gas build up
3. Boosts vannamei shrimp feed conversation ratio and benefits productivity


1. Helps with Healthy and enhanced floc formation with 3-4 days
2. Lowers ammonia and nitrate levels
3. Healthy & increased body weight of fish and shrimp
4. Prevents diseases by maintaining healthy water quality
5. Cost effective

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Fish Farming pdf - Aquaculture Management

Powered by advanced biotechnology, Organica Biotech offers a wide range of
excellent products for efficient Aquaculture Management.The customers from all
over India love our products and reap great results. Download: fish farming pdf and
get deep insights on how it can help you.

Agriculture aquaculture water system farm

Bioflok- Biofloc Fish Farming pdf

Biofloc system is an innovative technology for sustainable fish farming. Bioflok
developed by Organica Biotech is an aquatic probiotic which helps in maintaining
excellent water quality and degrades organic sludge. Want more information?
Download biofloc fish farming pdf.

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