Monstera Plant Care Tips: How to Grow and Care For Your Monstera

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Monstera plant is a dazzling addition to your home or garden. It is a fast-growing plant with the ability to grow tens of feet tall and up to three feet wide. Also known as the Swiss Cheese Plant, the enormous, shiny and dark green leaves with natural holes makes them unique and fairly easy to recognize. It’s a striking plant for both beginners and experienced plant lovers to grow at home with the necessary monstera plant care tips.

Monstera is a tropical woody vine that is native to Central America and wet regions such as Panama, Mexico, Costa Rica. In India, Monstera Deliciosa is majorly found in western and southern parts of India such as Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. 

There are generally two species of Monstera that can be grown at home namely; Monstera Deliciosa and Monstera Adansonii. The former species is more popular and has long leaves with elongated holes, whereas the latter has tapered, heart-shaped leaves with enclosed leaf holes. According to Plant Scientists, the leaf-holes in a monstera plant are called fenestrations that help in receiving as much light as possible even to the lower leaves. 

Monstera Plant Care Tips

Monstera plants in native environment grow under the canopy of large trees. Thus, the Swiss Cheese plant should be placed at your home where it may receive indirect sunlight ranging from bright to medium. Moderate indoor temperature is enough for Monstera Deliciosa. However, the monstera plant needs sufficient sunlight, or else it will not be able to develop the leaf holes, which makes it unique. 

Water the monstera plant every 1 to 2 weeks. One of the important monstera plant care tips is to not overwater this plant. Also, you should make sure that the pot has drain holes that will benefit the plant. And once a few inches of soil feels dry, water the plant again. 

Generally, monstera plants prefer high humid conditions for proper growth. However, the plant can adapt to normal room humidity, and that would be enough. You can use a humidifier to increase humidity levels at your home if you notice any sign of plant infirmities.

Pruning or Trimming
As mentioned, this plant grows fast. Therefore, the aerial roots from stems will grow, which may affect its aesthetics. You can prune or trim below the aerial roots. Besides this method, you can let the roots climb up the moss pole, which can support the plant or repot when roots become too much.

Soil quality is very important for the growth of any plant, and it applies to monstera as well.You should use a pot that drains well. Supply essential nutrients to the soil so that the plant can benefit from it.

In addition to the monstera plant care tips provided, you must keep pets away from the monstera plant as it contains substances toxic to them. 

Common Problems Affecting Growth

  • When you see yellow leaves, know that it can be a sign of overwatering. 
  • Brown patches show leaves are scorched due to the intense sunlight. 
  • Wilting leaves signify under-watering. 
  • Mealybugs can sometimes affect its growth. Regularly lookout for these white insects below the leaves. 

For better plant care, you can also use Magic Gro Plant Care from Organica Biotech. It is a natural soil revitaliser containing soil probiotic microbes that support plant growth. It improves nutrient uptake, leaf pigmentation and protects against diseases as well. Also, it helps in reducing the need for frequent soil change. For more details about Magic Gro Plant Care, contact us at any time. 

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