Maintaining Kitchen Drain & Grease Trap, Simplified!

Embrace OB Care Kitchen Drain Cleaner and Bioclean Septic Plus for hassle-free maintenance of your commercial kitchen drain lines & grease traps.

Challenges in maintaining clear drain lines and grease traps in commercial kitchens.

Kitchens are indispensable; be it in households, restaurants, hotels or industrial kitchens.

However, maintaining them in commercial enterprises can be challenging. Kitchen sinks, drain lines & grease traps get frequently clogged due to the accumulation of Fats, Oils & Grease (FOG), leading to overflow and odour emanation.

We, at Organica Biotech, understood this problem and conceptualised advanced 360° grease-cutting solutions for FOG accumulators i.e. kitchen sinks and grease traps. Our solution for kitchen drain and grease traps is capable of eliminating the toughest of FOG residues and helps maintain fresh & hygienic indoor utilities.

Presented below is a case study on how our products were used in a reputed 5-Star Hotel which was facing multiple issues of drain line and grease trap clogging.

The Case:
A reputed 5-Star Hotel in Varanasi was facing severe clogging issues. The Maintenance Engineer called us for a solution to his drain pipelines problem and grease trap. He had read about biologically mediated FOG elimination and reached us on our website page and connected with our experts.

The OB Care team was given to understand that the drain clogging was happening every 10-15 days and they tried removing the clogs 2-3 times manually. The grease trap also had to be cleaned every second day. There was a lot of odour and that was sometimes leading to a backflow onto the kitchen floors.

The Solution:
We advised them to use OB Care Kitchen Drain Cleaner in all the sinks & Bioclean Septic Plus in the Grease Trap.

Our Dosage Suggestion & Application Process:
For Kitchen sink:

  • OB Care Kitchen Drain Cleaner is to be poured into the sink after the cleaning process is completed, at night. After pouring this solution, no water or any other waste should be poured into the sink. The regular dose is 10g diluted in 500 ml water, good for up to 5 sinks.
  • Based on our assessment, our client was suggested to dilute 50g of OB Care Kitchen Drain Cleaner in 3 litres of water and pour it uniformly across 20 sinks every night after cleaning.

For Grease Trap:

  • Since the issue was severe, our client was required to clean the grease trap every 2 days which was very frequent. Our team based on the client’s needs devised an accelerated step-down dosage plan to normalise the grease trap functioning.
  • For the first 15 days, post grease trap cleaning, every second day they were suggested to dose 50g of Bioclean Septic Plus mixed in 2 litres of water.
  • After the initial 15 days of dosing, the cleaning came down to once in 7 days. The dose was fixed at 200g of Bioclean Septic Plus, once in 7 days. After one week, the grease trap needed cleaning after 15 days; and then subsequently reduced to once-a-month cleaning which is an optimum performance for any grease trap.
  • Thereafter, the final maintenance dose was 1kg of Bioclean Septic Plus, every month, post-cleaning of the grease trap.

The Result:
After the 5-Star Hotel started following the above protocol, odour from kitchen sinks came down within one week of using OB Care Kitchen Drain Cleaner. The grease trap reached its optimum cleaning frequency of once a month. The Maintenance Engineer and his team were happy with the result, and he made it part of the kitchen cleaning SOP.

In Conclusion:
To prevent clogging of your kitchen drain and grease trap, we recommend a regular dose of OB Care Kitchen Drain Cleaner and Bioclean Septic Plus. Our enzyme-based formulations are highly effective on fats, oils, grease & other organic deposits in kitchen drains. They are non-corrosive and thereby safe for the drain lines.

We have successfully implemented OB Care Professional Kitchen Drain and Grease Trap Maintenance solutions in hotels, banquets and restaurants across India.

Post by Rakhee Makhija

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