Magic Gro Drip Sol

Magic Gro Drip Sol uses plant microbiome technology, applied through drenching or drip irrigation. It helps to convert nutrient into available forms for plants and enhances uptake, boosts the immunity of crops and increases productivity.


Our proven technology:

1. converts unavailable soil nutrients including phosphorus, into plant available forms
2. increases seed germination and viability
3. activates plant enzymes and increases photosynthetic activity
4. stimulates plant growth and root density
5. improves immunity, enhances crop quality and yield
6. enhances crop productivity by improving plant health, vigour and increased nutrient uptake
7. reduces net fertiliser load and lowers dependence on chemical applications

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We used Magic Gro consistently for three years without any interference and the result: green and healthy crops. Grapes grew to their fullest bloom, and their quality was excellent. We experienced better immunity and excellent growth. Even the chilling cold did not have any adverse impact.

Subhash Awadh / Farmer in Nashik

The cotton bolls have grown well on the plot where we applied Magic Gro as compared to the plot where we didn't.

Shankar / Farmer in Shignapur Village

Case Studies

The sacred cow of effluent treatment

Ineffective reduction of COD and high TDS were the major issues affecting the effluent treatment plant (ETP) for our client, a leading manufacturer of agricultural chemicals, pesticides, fungicides and intermediates, when they approached us for a solution.

The chef’s recipe for excellent candy

Our clients – one of India’s most renowned confectionery and edible oil manufacturers – were dealing with several issues at their plant in Maharashtra. Traditional wastewater treatment solutions were resulting in high levels of COD. Excessive foaming in the aeration tank and high concentration of oil and grease were other concerns when they approached us for a solution.

The Swiss Army knife of wastewater treatment

Our client – an industrial wastewater treatment plant in Abony, Hungary – was dealing with several problems at their plant including sludge build up, high levels of COD, TP, NH4-N, TN and high power consumption. They asked us for a solution.

The secret sauce of effluent management

One of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies reached out to us with a problem – the functioning of their Effluent Treatment Plant was disturbed as a result of increased hydraulic load, and they wanted us to help it function efficiently.

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