Leisurely Lunches, Candle-Lit Evenings And The Sweet Smell Of Nature

Restaurants are an experience for all our senses. Smell, sight, taste are all fully engaged in any dining experience. When complemented by the conversation of our companions, the eating out experience is heightened even further. And when our restaurant of choice comes with a delightful ambience and an extensive menu with options for everybody in the family, that is simply the icing on the cake. One such restaurant is the one owned by our client, Pali Resort and Club Pvt. Ltd.

Located in Mira Road, this restaurant is blessed with good weather all-year around, a welcome respite for city folk from Mumbai and nearby. With seven different types of seating arrangements and cuisines spanning Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian and more, Pali Resort and Club is a preferred location for families and corporate gatherings too.

One of the issues with running a large restaurant is the amount of organic waste that is generated. Food scraps and excess food are always a concern. Any venue that caters to a large number of people also needs an efficient way to manage toilet waste too. These were concerns affecting Pali Resort and Club as well.

When our sales team reached out to them, we understood the real gravity of the situation. They have a 10,000 litre septic tank which they needed to pump out every month, at a cost exceeding Rs. 10,000 each month. Sludge build-up was the primary concern, along with the accompanying odour. In fact, the odour was so bad the staff there had expressed severe concerns several times. They needed a solution and they needed it fast.

In most restaurants, kitchen and toilet outlets are both connected to septic tanks. Inappropriate treatment of kitchen and toilet waste leads to the septic tanks getting choked, resulting in foul odour and backflows due to sludge build up. Using conventional treatment then leads to more and more frequent suctioning to clear the septic tanks.

The issue with treating fecal matter and food waste from septic tanks effectively is the complexity of the organic matter. You need a solution that can work equally effectively on both. Like Bioclean Septic Plus, our technologically advanced microbial consortium.

The microbes in Bioclean Septic Plus can detect the type of organic matter in the tank and act accordingly. They degrade organic matter completely, not only preventing sludge build up but also breaking down accumulated sludge. Bioclean Septic Plus aggressively acts on fats, oils and grease from food waste which mainly causes choking and leads to bad odour from the septic tank. One big reason for bad odours in septic tanks is the ease with which putrefying bacteria can grow in there. But Bioclean Septic Plus inhibits this growth, making septic tanks less smelly. And because it reduces sludge volume in septic tanks, it also drastically reduces the frequency with which septic tanks need to be pumped out.

Bioclean Septic Plus ticked off all the boxes that Pali Resort and Club needed ticked off. Our team recommended immediate treatment with Bioclean Septic Plus and the results were equally immediate and impressive. Odour was completely eliminated and sludge was fully degraded. The built-up sludge in the septic tank was liquified too. After treatment with Bioclean Septic Plus, septic tank chambers are maintained with no overflows or backflows.

We used Bioclean Septic Plus in our septic tank for the first time and it solved many of our problems. There is no odour in the surrounding areas anymore and our septic tank is clean too. Our staff is also very happy with this product.

Sudhesh Padavi / Owner, Pali Village Resort

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