Introducing Bio – Sanitation Products For Maintaining Biotoilet For 3 Months


The first passenger train ran on railway tracks on 20 March 1993. During its initial years of operation in the mountainous region, a number of accidents prompted Railway to implement new technology. Anti-collision devices, the Sky Bus and roll- on/roll-off (RORO) are several of the railway’s innovations. The first train on the completed track was sent off on 26 January 1998.

Common Problems Encountered:

  • Overflow of bio-digester tank which leads to extreme foul smell, and growth of Stinking toilets and pathogenic strains in and around toilet areas.
  • People dispose plastic bottles and other items in the toilet.
  • Hard stains due to high footfall and spitting stains by passengers seen over the platform, walls and corners of the railway stations.

Analysis of Situation:

As thousands of passengers travel by Railways every day, maintaining sanitation at public toilets of railway stations is a serious challenge. More often the toilets are over crowded and are susceptible to overflow of bio-digester tank which leads to extreme foul smell, and breeding of mosquitos.

Keeping the toilets glitch free is a constant struggle for the authorities. Stinking toilets and pathogenic strains in and around toilet areas are major problems. Adding to this, people dispose plastic bottles and other items in the toilet. Due to no previous treatment, there has been a huge accumulation of sludge which led to overflow and untreated water going out of the closet. This water if not treated can be really hazardous.

Product Range:

ORGANICA BIOTECH PRIVATE LIMITED has come up with the following technology,

1. Bioclean BD– Sustainable Sanitation Technology

  • It is a consortium of beneficial microbes which are natural and safe.
  • Facilitate complete degradation of organic matter.
  • Bacteria in Bioclean BD have a shelf life of two years.

bioclean bd 1

2. Bioswitch– Hard Surface Cleaning Technology

  • It embodies beneficial microbes and plant derived surfactants, that work in an orchestrated manner to degrade organic wastes into simpler products like carbon dioxide and water and thus aids in removal of tough stains.
  • BioSwitch omprises of potent probiotics, which degrade pungent smelling compounds curtailing the emission of foul odour.


Organica’s Approach:

Our representatives had collected this sample starting our septic tank treatment. They have also given complete training to the housekeeping staff under our Agency regarding usage of the products and also regarding the importance of Biotoilet system and how the microbial technology works and its adverse effects.

Due to overflow of septic tank and foul odour we provided them Bioclean BD to degrade that faecal sludge and remove odour. Also we suggest those to used Bioswitch 4 times in a day after 4 hours to remove hard stain in toilets and platform.


  1. Reduction of faecal sludge 5 feet over the period of 90 days
  2. No foul odour in the vicinity
  3. Improvement in water clarity
  4. Reduction of Cod was 64.59% Reduction in values of COD, reduction in TDS was 49.28%, reduction in TSS was 42.79% and Reduction in TVS was 70.73%

railway barchart


All the products from Organica Biotech Pvt. Ltd. were easy to use and highly effective. Post usage of Bioclean BD within 90 days the results was very good. Degradation of faecal sludge was very quick gave better quality of water which brings to no odour in toilets. Also, Stains on walls and platforms was successfully removed by Bioswitch product. Overall the execution was successfully carried out.