Introducing Advanced Microbial Technology At Municipal Council


The Municipal Council was established in July 1950 under the Bombay Provincial Corporation Act (1949), is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration.


Objective :

Bioremediation of sewage waste in three mobile toilets using Bioclean BD under Municipal Corporation.

Bioremediation treatment was done at the given mobile toilets :
Mobile Toilet Vehicle : (Site 1, Site 2,Site 3)


Product Range :

bioclean BD


Bioclean BD – Robust Microbial Culture for improving sanitation

  • It is a consortium of beneficial microbes which are natural and safe.
  • Facilitate complete degradation of organic matter.
  • Bacteria in Bioclean BD have a shelf life of two years.


Organica’s Approach :

  • Having identified the outlet of each mobile toilet , we have collected the raw water sample and
    had them tested in laboratory for various parameters like COD, BOD, Nitrate, Nitrite etc
  • Our technology Bioclean BD was added to the toilet seats as per the required dosing . It was
    calculated on the basis of various parameters of the septic tanks for eg. Volume of the tank ,
    number of users per day and the analysis report of the untreated water sample from the septic
    tank etc.
  • Bioclean BD which is in powder form is mixed with water and poured inside the toilet seats , for
    application purpose. Through the toilet drains, the product reaches the tank and starts its
    activity. As Organica Biotech utilizes the micro-encapsulation technology in all of our product
    lines, when the product is mixed with water, the protective barrier is dissolved and the user is
    insured that the highest count possible of first generation bacteria is ready to go to work on the
  • The product has a high concentration of selected proprietary naturally occurring microbes that
    are specially selected to digest the things like human waste, mild detergents, fats, oils & grease
    (FOG), proteins, starch-total organic carbon (TOC), etc., that usually clog up septic tanks and
    adversely affect their function. Once they start degrading the sludge build up in tanks, the levels
    of COD, BOD, pH is controlled to a lage extent


Product Application

Bioclean BD as it is in powder form is first mixed with water for application purpose. One Kg of the
product is mixed in approx. 5 litres of water and is stirred to form a slurry which can be easily poured
inside the toilet drains. As mentioned earlier, Bioclean BD contains facultative micro-organisms which are
in a dormant state, in order to increase the shelf life of the product. Once they come in touch with water,
they are released from their capsules and become active and start their sludge degrading process. The
product can be used in septic tanks of community toilets.

Post treated Analysis along with Problems Encountered and Results :


A) Site 1

Problems associated with the Mobile toilet :

  1. Heavy Sludge Built up.
  2. Foul odour around the vicinity
  3. Septic Tank overflow


Intermediate Study and Analysis of water sample before and after treatment :


B) Site 2

Problems associated with the Mobile toilet :

  • Heavy Sludge Built up.
  • Foul odour around the vicinity


Intermediate Study and Analysis of water sample before and after treatment


C) Site 3

Problems associated with the Mobile toilet :

  1. Heavy Sludge Built up.
  2. Extreme foul odour around the vicinity.
  3. Poor degradation of faecal waste


Intermediate Study and Analysis of water sample before and after treatment

Graphical representation : Average Reduction in all three Mobile Toilet


Effective decrease in COD and BOD levels were observed. The faecal coliform count was decreased. The
absence of faecal coliforms suggests the absence of disease causing pathogens and hence individuals
using the mobile toilets are free from the potential health risk that faecal coliforms cause. There is
complete odour reduction near the mobile toilets at the Municipal Council.