In Situ Bioremediation For Community Toilets At A Municipal Corporation

Municipal Corporation is the governing civic body. It is India’s richest municipal corporation.

The Municipal Corporation’s annual budget exceeds that of some of India’s smaller states. It was established under the Municipal Corporation Act 1888.

Municipal Corporation is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city and some suburbs.

Common Problems Encountered:

  • The major issue was the hardening of fecal sludge.
  • Foul odor emanation from the tank.
  • Buildups of organic wastes that can obstruct and clog the drainage pipes.
  • Sludge and other solids leaving the septic tank without proper treatment.
  • Septic tank overflow hampers the beauty and sanity of the surrounding area.


Product Range :

Bioclean BD

Bioclean BD – Robust Microbial Culture for improving sanitation

  • It is a consortium of beneficial microbes which are natural and safe.
  • Facilitate complete degradation of organic matter.


Organica’s Approach:

This is where our microbial culture, “Bioclean BD,” is a cut above any other. It comprises a consortium of beneficial bacteria that can have a sustainable impact on the septic tank.

It is an Accredited Microbial Culture by the ‘Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India’ and has proven its efficacy in an array of environmental conditions and has also performed in sub-zero temperatures to degrade faecal matter quickly.

Our micro-encapsulated bacteria ensure an increased shelf life. The implementation of Bioclean BD is technically easy, feasible, and is easy to maintain.


  • Our representatives collected the raw, untreated sample from the 3 chambers of the septic tank before the commencement of septic tank treatment.
  • When the Problem was identified, we initiated the process by injection of our microbial technology “Bioclean BD” into the hardened in Chambers 1, 2, and 3.
  • A total of 10 kgs of microbial culture was added every week. The use of PVC pipes and Black & Decker Jet was important for the bacteria to reach the depths of the septic tank and start its functioning.
  • Bioclean BD, which is in powder form, is mixed with water, and the solution was applied with the help of a jet machine.
  • The product has a high concentration of selected proprietary naturally occurring microbes that are specially selected to digest things like human waste, mild detergents, fats, oils & grease (FOG), proteins, starch-total organic carbon (TOC), etc., that usually clog up the septic tanks and adversely affect their function. Once they start degrading the sludge build-up in tanks, the levels of COD, BOD, Nitrate, Nitrite content, etc., automatically start lowering down.


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After dosing our Bioclean BD product at the respective sites, the analysis report of the septic tank samples before and after analysis is as follows:

Reduction Graph

Liquefaction of Faecal Sludge Graph

After 33 days the liquefaction of faecal sludge was observed

Picture of Before Treatment And After Treatment

Before Treatment And After Treatment

Testimonial: Received from concerned authority

To whomsoever it may concern

We have received the certificate of the Bioremediation of the toilet along with photographs and the analysis of the water sample from overflowing from the septic tank.

On inspection, it is found that the toilet’s soil pan is quite clean, and the septic tank is seen overflowing with grey water. It appears that the bacteria has given good results:

  1. Complete biodegradation of faecal sludge
  2. Maximum odour reduction
  3. Suppression of disease-causing pathogens
  4. No dependency on the limited and costly conventional energy sources



After using Bioclean BD results are very good. Effective degradation of COD, BOD, and odour-free septic tank was observed, also liquefaction of faecal sludge was also observed. All the project execution was done very well.