How Organica’s Magic Gro Plus Can Boost Vanilla Plantation

Aromatic, full of flavour and a favourite for many, Vanilla is one of the most loved and popular flavours in the world. It is well known for flavouring ice creams and soft drinks.

Along with food types like coffee, chocolate chip cookies, custard and yoghurt, it is found in cosmetics, scents, soaps, and a wide range of perfumes as well. Vanilla is ubiquitous and an indispensable part of our lives.

Originally native to Mexico, top countries known for Vanilla production are Madagascar, Indonesia, Mexico, China and islands in West Indies. It was only in the year 1835, India savoured the taste of vanilla for the first time. Today, it is cultivated in Wayanad, Kerala and Nilgiris of Tamil Nadu.

Demand for Vanilla has grown exponentially in recent times. It is estimated that world production of vanilla beans is approximately 3000 tonnes per year. Out of which, 50% of world supply is provided by Madagascar. Therefore, it is known as the hub of vanilla production.

One of the interesting facts about vanilla plantation is that it grows only 10 to 20 degrees north and south of the equator. Also, it is the second most expensive spice in the world after Saffron. Planting and processing vanilla involves a lot of risks and therefore the high price.

Vanilla beans are produced in the orchid by the name Vanilla planifolia, the only orchid that produces fruit. Cultivation of vanilla beans is not an easy task.

It is a climbing plant which reaches up to a hundred feet, therefore the aerial roots require a host plant to attach to.

It takes almost 4 – 5 years for the plant to mature. It requires specific, tropical climate where it’s warm and moist. A sufficient rainfall followed by a dry spell is necessary. The penetration of sunlight to ground level should be enough to leave rich humus layer and organic matter content in the soil for better yield.

Many such factors are at play to make vanilla plantation successful.

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Pollination is possible only for a day when the flower remains open. In case, pollination doesn’t occur, the flower dies. Therefore, hand pollination is usually followed. When pollinated, the fruit develops into the form of a long pod filled with minuscule black seeds.

During the harvest time, a multi-staged curing process of blanching, sweating and gradual drying in the sun is followed. This leaves the black pods with seeds which are packed up for use. It is a long and labour intensive process.

Challenges faced by Vanilla growers

Since vanilla belongs to the orchid family, high use of water is necessary. Sometimes, it can lead to over-watering which causes harm to the growth of vanilla.

Several kinds of pests are found to affect vanilla plantation. This includes vanilla bug, caterpillar, white grubs, and beetle. They feed on roots, shoots, leaves and suck the sap from the buds leading to damage and leave them withered.

Fungal diseases are generally found in Vanilla which causes Root rot, shot tip rot, stem and bean rot. Poor nutrient availability, water stagnation and excessive moisture are the reasons for this. Also, due to excessive use of chemical inputs, plant life is deeply affected.

While there is a steady increase in the demand for vanilla across the globe, sufficient solutions to tackle the menace of pest and disease remains a concern.

There are natural and eco-friendly solutions which can help boost the production capability of vanilla and improve the quality of it.

Organica Biotech’s Magic Gro Plus is an easy to use plant growth vitaliser & [php_everywhere instance=”2″] . It enhances plant-microbe interaction and helps in the following ways:-

  • It acts as a flowering stimulant which improves nutrient uptake and plant productivity.
  • It is highly capable of improving soil structure and thereby water retaining capacity is improved, conserving water in the process.
  • Enhances plant immunity by providing resistance power to pests and diseases.

Many farming experts have used Magic Gro Plus and improved the quality and health of the plants. You too can use it to improve and increase vanilla production. Visit : [php_everywhere instance=”1″] for details.

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