How Do I Clean My Fish Tank Naturally?

A fish tank at your home is surely an attraction for guests visiting your place. You also develop an emotional connection with these finned pets over time.

It is essential to maintain your fish tank regularly and in the right way so that the fish stay healthy.

Cleaning your fish tank is one of the most important tasks when it comes to creating a sustainable ecosystem for your fish, and it should be done correctly.

Maintenance and cleaning are not about removing all the water and replacing it with fresh water, by doing this you will end up killing all the good bacteria that originate with time.

Natural fish tank cleaners have made the cleaning task a lot easier.

Why Is It So Necessary to Clean Your Fish Tank Regularly?

There are certain factors that need to be controlled in order to keep your fish tank healthy enough for fish to survive. Some of these factors are:

  • Control the formation of ammonia: Ammonia is formed in the aquarium water due to fish excreta and uneaten fish food.
  • Remove the dissolved organic compounds: Organic compounds like uneaten fish food must be removed regularly.
  • Restrict the formation of Algae: Exposure to sunlight, impurities, and imbalance in the nutrition of the tank can lead to the formation of algae.
  • Protect the fish from secondary infections and stress: If the water in the fish tank does not have enough minerals or there is an imbalance in the nutrient levels, this would lead to osmotic stress to the fish, causing untimely death.


In order to keep a check on your fish tank maintenance, below are a few tips that can help in creating a healthy environment for your fish.

Daily maintenance includes:

  1. Check the pH, nitrate, and ammonia levels of the water (in saltwater tanks)
  2. Attention to the filter and lights and their working.


Apart from the above, cleaning an aquarium or fish tank is considered to be a very tedious task. One of the most prominent solutions for cleaning your fish tank would be using natural fish tank cleaners.

Use Bioclean Aquarium a probiotic natural fish tank cleaner from Organica Biotech to clean your fish tank and reduce water exchange frequency.

Bioclean Aquarium is a consortium of beneficial probiotics. It improves water clarity by degrading fish waste. Fish excreta and the leftover fish food in the tank combine and form the organic compound.

Due to the organic compound, the available oxygen content in the tank is reduced, and the fish become sluggish and start staying isolated.

A natural fish tank cleaner like Bioclean Aquarium helps in degrading the organic compound and makes the oxygen content in the tank available for fish to breathe, making them active.

It stabilizes the oxygen throughout. It also controls ammonia and algae formation and eliminates the foul odour. It also protects the fish from secondary infections.

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