Organic Mosquito Repellent

100% Natural formulation – contains no harmful chemicals, making it completely safe for humans. New innovative formula with Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary Oil to repel mosquitoes effectively. Spray liberally in the entire house, around windows, behind curtains, below sofas / beds and in corners. Safe for all age groups. Kind to planet Earth. Organic. Vegan.
Available in 200 ml pack. Our ThinkSafe Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray is available for delivery across India.


Bioclean Aquarium is a consortium of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that cleans the aquarium. It degrades organic matter like uneaten fish feed and fish excreta in the aquarium, controls pathogenic bacteria and reduces the need for frequent water changes. It is also effective at odour control and reducing ammonia levels in water.


1. Rapidly degrades accumulated organic matter
2. Prevent growth of harmful bacteria and prevents odour
3. Reduces need for frequent water changes

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I have a small aquarium. I used to have to clean my tank very often. After using Bioclean Aquarium the tank stays clean longer, and the turbidity has also reduced. Excellent Product.
Nishant Rathod, Mumbai

I have an aquarium with four sharks and a goldfish. I needed to add a lot of fish feed that used to make my tank dirty and the water used to look turbid always. I used 2gms of Bioclean Aquarium for one week, followed by weekly addition of 1gm. The turbidity problem has been completely solved.
Dharmesh Mehrotra, Uttar Pradesh

Great product. I have a small aquarium around 40 litres. Half a teaspoon of Bioclean Aquarium keeps the water clean for more than 2-3 weeks. Earlier I had to change the water every week. The water doesn’t get turbid or emit any odour. Very good product and worth the cost. Must buy if you have an aquarium.
Abdul Baasit Hafiz, Bangalore


How should i use this organic mosquito repellent spray?

For best results, shut all doors & windows daily during sunset. Spray liberally in the entire house, around windows, behind curtains, below sofas / beds and in corners. Open the windows after 15-20 min after spraying for the mosquitos to escape. Repeat this process if required.

Does this product contain chemicals?

This organic mosquito repellent spray is made from natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals. This makes if completely safe for humans and pets

Is ThinkSafe natural mosquito repellent safe for all age groups?

Yes, this is an organic mosquito repellent spray made from natural ingredients making it safe for all age groups.

What are the ingredients of ThinkSafe natural mosquito repellent?

This organic mosquito repellent spray contains a unique blend of clove oil, tea tree oil & rosemary oil.

Can this product be used on the body?

This organic mosquito repellent has been designed as a room spray and hence is not recommended for use on the body.

Can it be used in a vaporiser / diffuser?

This organic mosquito repellent has been designed for use as a spray and not to be used in a vaporiser or a diffuser.

Case Studies

Introducing Advanced Microbial Technology At Municipal Council

Bioremediation of sewage waste in three mobile toilets using Bioclean BD under Municipal Corporation.

Government Hospital

Sanitation systems aim to protect human health by providing a clean environment that will stop
the transmission of disease, and here hospital itself is a health care institution providing patient treatment
with specialized medical, nursing staff and medical equipment to treat health problems.

Introducing Advanced Microbial Technology At Tea Plantations

The bio agent used earlier in the bio digester tank was not effective to degrade the
fecal sludge in the tank, thereby causing extreme foul odor, choking of pipelines and
back flow of sewage from the toilet seat.

Benefits of Waterless Bio-Toilet – A Sustainable Sanitation Solution

A waterless bio-toilet is one of the best alternatives which can help in the conservation of water. Besides, it can prevent environmental pollution caused by pollutants from human waste and untreated wastewater.
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, the nation-wide cleaning campaign also aims to achieve and promote Open Defecation Free – ODF + and ODF++ status to every corner of the country. Eco-friendly bio-toilets, biodigester are an inexpensive and better alternative to traditional means of waste disposal. It can also provide easy toilet access to more people in the future.

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