Organic Mosquito Repellent

organic mosquito repellent
100% Natural formulation – contains no harmful chemicals, making it completely safe for humans. New innovative formula with Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil & Rosemary Oil to repel mosquitoes effectively. Spray liberally in the entire house, around windows, behind curtains, below sofas / beds and in corners. Safe for all age groups. Kind to planet Earth. Organic. Vegan.
Available in 200 ml pack. Our ThinkSafe Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray is available for delivery across India.


aquarium cleaner
Bioclean Aquarium is a consortium of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that cleans the aquarium. It degrades organic matter like uneaten fish feed and fish excreta in the aquarium, controls pathogenic bacteria and reduces the need for frequent water changes. It is also effective at odour control and reducing ammonia levels in water.


1. Rapidly degrades accumulated organic matter
2. Prevent growth of harmful bacteria and prevents odour
3. Reduces need for frequent water changes

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How should i use this organic mosquito repellent spray?

For best results, shut all doors & windows daily during sunset. Spray liberally in the entire house, around windows, behind curtains, below sofas / beds and in corners. Open the windows after 15-20 min after spraying for the mosquitos to escape. Repeat this process if required.

Does this product contain chemicals?

This organic mosquito repellent spray is made from natural ingredients and does not contain harmful chemicals. This makes if completely safe for humans and pets

Is ThinkSafe natural mosquito repellent safe for all age groups?

Yes, this is an organic mosquito repellent spray made from natural ingredients making it safe for all age groups.

What are the ingredients of ThinkSafe natural mosquito repellent?

This organic mosquito repellent spray contains a unique blend of clove oil, tea tree oil & rosemary oil.

Can this product be used on the body?

This organic mosquito repellent has been designed as a room spray and hence is not recommended for use on the body.

Can it be used in a vaporiser / diffuser?

This organic mosquito repellent has been designed for use as a spray and not to be used in a vaporiser or a diffuser.

Why are Natural essential oils preferred over synthetic mosquito repellants?

Plant based essential oils have been found to be highly effective against mosquitoes and are preferred since they have found to be non-toxic and biodegradable. Essential oils do not have the harmful effects of synthetic chemicals which are known to cause breathing difficulty, respiratory problems, dizziness, stomach irritation, nausea etc.

ThinkSafe organic mosquito repellent is a new innovative formulation that contains Clove oil, Tea Tree oil and Rosemary oil to repel mosquitoes effectively.

Can ThinkSafe organic mosquito repellent be used on the walls?

It is not recommended to use ThinkSafe organic mosquito repellent on walls. It is common place to find mosquitoes behind curtains, below sofa’s and beds. It is therefore recommended to spray liberally behind curtains, below sofas and beds.

What smell do mosquitoes hate?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. Essential oils have the properties to repel mosquitoes and insects. Unique aromatic compounds give each essential oil its characteristic essence. There are many essential oils that can repel mosquitoes. However, there are few essential oils which are more effective. Based on extensive studies ThinkSafe organic mosquito repellent is an innovative blend of Clove oil, Tea Tree oil and Rosemary oil which effectively repel mosquitoes.

Does ThinkSafe organic mosquito repellant contain DEET?

ThinkSafe organic mosquito repellant is an organic mosquito repellent and does not contain any chemicals like DEET.

Can Mosquito repellent cause allergies?

It is preferred to use an organic mosquito repellent since it reduces the risk of allergic reactions, skin irritation & rashes.

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