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Tazo Organic Dishwash Gel

Tazo Dishwashing Liquid is 100% natural formulation with real Lemon extract that leaves no chemical residue on dishes, safe for you and your family. A blend of powerful extracts that effectively removes tough oil stains & burnt-on food.

One solution for all – gives a sparkling shine to stainless steel, brass & copper utensils, glasswares, Teflon/ceramic coated pans/pots, etc. This natural dishwashing gel rinses off utensils easily and saves water. Gentle on the skin. Kind to planet Earth. Organic. Vegan.

Available in twin 500 ml packs. Our Tazo Dishwash Liquid is available for delivery across India.




Does Tazo dish wash gel leave a chemical residue on dishes?

This is an organic dishwashing liquid made from 100% natural ingredients containing real lemon extract, and this does not leave any chemical residue on washed dishes. Therefore it is completely safe for you & your loved ones.

What are the ingredients of this dish wash gel?

Tazo dish wash gel is an organic dishwashing liquid and contains a blend of plant-based surfactants and natural essential oils such as lemon oil, lime oil & lemongrass oil.

Can Tazo dish wash gel be used on all kinds of utensils?

Tazo dish wash gel is an organic dishwashing liquid and can be used to wash stainless steel, brass & copper utensils, glassware, Teflon/ceramic coated pans/pots, etc.

Is this organic dishwashing liquid gentle on the hands?

Tazo dish wash gel is made up of powerful natural ingredients and is pH neutral, which makes it extremely on the hands.

Can this organic dishwashing liquid be used in dishwashing machines?

Tazo dish wash gel has not been tested for use with a dishwashing machine.

Does Tazo dishwasher gel contain Triclosan, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Disodium EDTA, or any other chemical?

Tazo dishwasher gel is a 100% Natural formulation with the real Lemon extract. This natural dishwashing liquid is a blend of Lemon oil, Lime oil & Lemongrass oil and does not contain any chemicals as part of its composition. It is, therefore, very safe to use as it does leave any chemical residue on the utensils.

Is Tazo dishwasher gel effective for burnt-on food?

Tazo dishwasher gel is an organic dishwashing liquid with 10X power containing a blend of Lemon oil, Lime oil & Lemongrass oil. This potent blend is effective in removing burnt-on food.

Is Tazo dishwasher gel effective on oil stains?

This dishwasher gel is an organic dishwashing liquid that contains real lemon extracts. Lemon has proven properties to cut through oil and grease. In order to provide the benefits of real lime, this dishwasher gel is infused with extracts of real lemon oil, Lime juice oil, and Lemongrass oil.

Is Tazo dishwasher gel acidic in nature?

Tazo dishwasher gel is a 100% Natural formulation and is free from any acids. It is a pH-neutral organic dishwashing liquid.

Does Tazo dishwasher gel kill bacteria?

Tazo dishwasher gel is a natural dishwashing liquid and is designed to lift food and grime off surfaces so that the dishes can be cleaned easily. In order to kill bacteria, hot water may be used. Dishwasher gel does not have anti-bacterial as part of the ingredients as any residue of anti-bacterial can be easily ingested while using the dishes.

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