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Natural Toiled Cleaner Tazo

A natural toilet cleaner that contains natural enzymes, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oils that leave your toilet clean and fresh and smelling like a lush garden in spring. New formulation with UNI-KOTE technology- for uniform coating.

Zero toxic chemicals = 100% protection for your sanitary ware from corrosion. Our proprietary pH-neutral formula is safe to use in toilet bowls, toilets with septic tanks as it preserves essential microflora and makes sewage degradation fast and effective. Gentle on the skin. Kind to planet Earth. Organic. Vegan.

Available in 475 ml packs. Our Tazo, the organic toilet cleaner, is available for delivery across India.

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The Tazo Toilet cleaner is excellent, works well and has a nicer smell than the Harpic we are using, I’m going to continue with it.
Amrita, Goa.

I really like Tazo Toilet Cleaner, I would have been happy to live with a few stains for an organic product, but this natural toilet cleaner cleaned my stains very thoroughly. The fragrance is an added bonus and a welcome replacement to chemical cleaners. You should also try their natural floor cleaner. It’s safe enough to use even on your kitchen counters. I have a toddler at home and I no longer worry about her playing on the floor.
Michelle Xavier, Goa.

I am extremely sensitive to smell, especially the bleach and soda varieties and the soothing smell of the Tazo Toilet and Floor Cleaners are so very welcome. For me the superior cleaning is bonus. I also love that there is zero impact of this natural floor cleaner & natural toilet cleaner on the environment. The cost is somewhat higher than chemical cleaners but worth every rupee because of all the benefits. I have been recommending these products to everyone I know and will continue to do so.
Manisha Anavkar, Mumbai.

I have been using the Tazo floor cleaner and toilet cleaner for a month now. I have three toddlers and have been trying to go organic as much as possible. Both the products smell great, work like a charm and use only natural ingredients! I will recommend this natural floor cleaner & natural toilet cleaner to anyone who wants to go organic without letting go of quality.
Sabira Choudhary, Mumbai.

I was pleasantly and literally surprised by the fabulous fragrance in both the Tazo floor & toilet cleaner. This natural floor cleaner & natural toilet cleaner contain pine, eucalyptus, citronella, and lemongrass oils as ingredients, they have to smell divine. I highly recommend both cleaners – they are excellent for stains and grime. I also love that they have no harsh chemicals, are good for the environment and safe for children and pets.
Jaya Rai, Granny’s Bowl, Pune.

Goodness in a bottle. We’ve been on the lookout for natural alternatives to clean our home that are effective and reduce our environmental footprint. We were super thrilled when Team Organica told us about their new range of cleaning products for the home. After trying Tazo floor cleaner and toilet cleaner, we have finally found the right product for us. Our whole house smells delicious. Even our cats love the smell.
Karina Varma, Mumbai.


What are the ingredients of this natural toilet cleaner?

Tazo toilet cleaner contains a blend of natural enzymes, lemongrass & eucalyptus oils.

Does Tazo toilet cleaner contain any kind of acids or chemicals?

This natural toilet cleaner is free of acids like hydrochloric acid as well as toxic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, and bleach. This makes this toilet cleaner, non-corrosive, and completely safe for use in your toilet.

Is Tazo Toilet cleaner corrosive in nature?

Being a natural toilet cleaner, which is pH Neutral by nature, therefore making it non-corrosive. It is completely safe for use on all sanitaryware.

Can this natural toilet cleaner be used in Indian and Western toilets?

Yes, Tazo toilet cleaner can be used in all toilets, either Indian or Western toilets.

Is Tazo toilet cleaner septic tank safe?

Being an organic toilet cleaner, it does not affect the microbes present in the septic tank and therefore is safe for use with your septic tank.

Is this product effective on hard water stains on the toilet bowl?

Yes, this natural toilet cleaner removes hard water stains on sanitary ware effectively. Regular use prevents hard water stains.

Does Tazo toilet cleaner emit any fumes during use?

Being a natural toilet cleaner, there are no fumes created while using this product.

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