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TAZO Floor Cleaner

The Tazo natural floor cleaner is powered with nature-derived amphiphiles that provide 99.9% protection from germs and also protect from viruses, fungi, and bacteria.

This organic floor cleaner is a citrusy mash-up of pine, eucalyptus, and citronella oils, along with plant-based surface active agents guaranteed to have your floor sparkling clean.

Eat-off-the-floor clean. Literally. An all-new, all-natural way to protect your family – especially babies and pets. Gentle on the skin. Kind to planet Earth. Organic. Vegan.

Available in a convenient to handle 1-litre pack. Our Tazo Floor Cleaner is available for delivery across India.

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Organica Biotech’s Tazo Floor Cleaner is a welcome change from the usual chemical cleaners available. Just a capful of this natural floor cleaner freshens up your home leaving a pleasant lemongrass fragrance all day. I’m happy to contribute to the environment my tiny bit so reduce the pollution of our planet.
Tushima Nair, Mumbai.

I was pleasantly and literally surprised by the fabulous fragrance in both the Tazo floor & toilet cleaner. This natural floor cleaner & natural toilet cleaner contain pine, eucalyptus, citronella, and lemongrass oils as ingredients, they have to smell divine. I highly recommend both cleaners – they are excellent for stains and grime. I also love that they have no harsh chemicals, are good for the environment and safe for children and pets.
Jaya Rai, Granny’s Bowl, Pune.

Goodness in a bottle. We’ve been on the lookout for natural alternatives to clean our home that are effective and reduce our environmental footprint. We were super thrilled when Team Organica told us about their new range of cleaning products for the home. After trying Tazo floor cleaner and toilet cleaner, we have finally found the right product for us. Our whole house smells delicious. Even our cats love the smell.
Karina Varma, Mumbai.

I have been using the Tazo floor cleaner and toilet cleaner for a month now. I have three toddlers and have been trying to go organic as much as possible. Both the products smell great, work like a charm and use only natural ingredients! I will recommend this natural floor cleaner & natural toilet cleaner to anyone who wants to go organic without letting go of quality
Sabira Choudhary, Mumbai.

I am extremely sensitive to smell, especially the bleach and soda varieties and the soothing smell of the Tazo Toilet and Floor Cleaners are so very welcome. For me the superior cleaning is bonus. I also love that there is zero impact of this natural floor cleaner & natural toilet cleaner on the environment. The cost is somewhat higher than chemical cleaners but worth every rupee because of all the benefits. I have been recommending these products to everyone I know and will continue to do so.
Manisha Anavkar, Mumbai


Is this a concentrated natural floor cleaner?

Yes, Tazo floor cleaner is a concentrate. The dilutions are mentioned on the bottle. Kindly follow the same for the best results.

Does Tazo floor cleaner contain any kind of acid or chemicals?

Tazo is a natural floor cleaner and contains no acid or chemicals to aid the cleaning process. It is completely safe for you and your family. It comprises of plant-based surfactants and essential oils for effective cleaning of your floors.

To know more about essential oils & their anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, click here.

Is Tazo floor cleaner safe for babies and pets?

Since this is a 100% organic and non toxic floor cleaner, it contains no chemicals and hence is completely safe for babies and pets.

Does Tazo floor cleaner contain any artificial fragrances?

This natural floor cleaner uses natural essential oils to impart a mild fragrance to the surroundings.

Can it be used on marble and wooden flooring?

This natural floor cleaner is safe for use on all kinds of marble and wooden flooring.

Does a natural floor cleaner clean effectively?

Plant-based surfactants have very effective cleaning properties and therefore provide a squeaky-clean floor.

Does Tazo floor cleaner have any impact on the environment?

Being a natural floor cleaner when released into the environment it undergoes complete biodegradation without negatively impacting the natural microbes in the sewer system.

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