Natural Bathroom Cleaner | Tazo

Natural Bathroom Cleaner Tazo

Dirt, soap scum, tile stains, grout, and mold have zero room to flourish in your bathroom when you use our refreshing new Organic Bathroom Cleaner. With a heady concoction of lemongrass and rosemary oils, this all-natural formulation is also a powerful, long-lasting deodoriser that leaves your bathroom smelling fresh as a hillside in bloom.

Ph neutral, non-corrosive, with 100% protection for your bathroom wall and floor tiles, faucets, wash basin, bathtub, and shower. Safe for babies, pets, and you. Gentle on the skin. Kind to planet Earth. Organic. Vegan.

Transform your bathroom cleaning routine from a chore to a delight with Organica’s Best Natural Bathroom Cleaner Tazo! Our plant-based and toxin-free formula not only makes your bathroom sparkle but also promotes a healthy and eco-friendly home environment.

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Can Tazo bathroom cleaner be used on all surfaces on all surfaces in the bathroom?

This is a natural bathroom cleaner and hence safe for use on all surfaces in your bathroom. It can be used on vitrified tiles, marble floors, wall tiles, faucets, bathtubs, wash basins, shower areas, etc.

Does Tazo bathroom cleaner work on tough stains?

Yes, this multi purpose natural bathroom cleaner effectively removes tough stains. For tough stain removal, spray concentrate on stains. Leave for 5 minutes; gently scrub & rinse.

Does this natural bathroom cleaner remove oil from bathroom floors?

Tazo bathroom cleaner contains ingredients that effectively remove oil deposited on bathroom floors, wall tiles, shower panels, etc.

Can I get rid of grime using this natural bathroom cleaner?

Tazo bathroom cleaner effectively works on bathroom grime. For better results, spray concentrate on the grime. Leave for 5 minutes; gently scrub & rinse.

What are the ingredients of Tazo bathroom cleaner?

This natural bathroom cleaner contains plant-based surfactants and essential oils such as lemongrass & rosemary oil. This combination is very effective in removing oil and grime from your bathroom.

Can I use a floor cleaner for cleaning my bathrooms?

Bathroom surfaces are prone to collect oil, grime, soap scum, etc. Therefore, for cleaning a bathroom, it is best to use a cleaner that is designed to remove such components. This natural bathroom cleaner contains ingredients that effectively remove oil, grime, soap scums, etc.

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