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Raising fish as pets at home comes with a lot of challenges and worries. Are the tanks clean? Is it time to change the water? How frequently should the water be changed? Is the water clean? Are there harmful germs in the tank? How to clean the fish tank to remove excreta and uneaten food? Each of these questions is directly linked to the health of the fish in your tank and can be addressed by using a fish tank cleaner.
Using a fish tank cleaner is one of the best methods to provide a healthy and clean environment for fishes to survive and thrive in the aquarium. Furthermore, fish tank cleaner takes care of the dirt, waste, slime and debris which can conceal the beauty of an aquarium and colourful fishes.


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Bioclean Aquarium a natural fish tank cleaner is a consortium of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that cleans the water in the aquarium. The highlight of this fish tank cleaner is that it degrades organic matter like uneaten fish feed and fish excreta in the aquarium, it controls pathogenic bacteria and reduces the need for frequent water changes. It is also effective at odour control and reducing ammonia levels in water. The fish tank cleaner is completely safe for all types of fish and aquariums.


1. Rapidly degrades accumulated organic matter
2. Prevent growth of harmful bacteria and prevents odour
3. Reduces need for frequent water changes
Bioclean Aquarium a natural fish tank cleaner is a consortium of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that cleans the water in the aquarium. It degrades organic matter like uneaten fish feed and fish excreta in the aquarium, it controls pathogenic bacteria and reduces the need for frequent water changes. It is also effective at odour control and reducing ammonia levels in water.


1. Improves water clarity by degrading fish waste.
2. Reduces algae formation.
3. Controls ammonia and foul odour.
4. Increases oxygen availability and keeps fish active.
5. Protects fish against secondary infections.
6. Reduces water change frequency.
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    I have a small aquarium. I used to clean my tank very often. After using Bioclean Aquarium natural fish tank cleaner the tank stays clean longer, and the turbidity has also reduced. Excellent Product.
    Nishant Rathod, Mumbai

    I have an aquarium with four sharks and a goldfish. I needed to add a lot of fish feed that used to make my tank dirty and the water used to look turbid always. I used 2gms of Bioclean Aquarium for one week, followed by weekly addition of 1gm. The turbidity problem has been completely solved. I highly recommend this excellent fish tank cleaner.
    Dharmesh Mehrotra, Uttar Pradesh

    Great product. I have a small aquarium around 40 litres. Half a teaspoon of Bioclean Aquarium keeps the water clean for more than 2-3 weeks. Earlier I had to change the water every week. The water doesn’t get turbid or emit any odour. Very good fish tank cleaner and worth the cost. Must buy if you have an aquarium.
    Abdul Baasit Hafiz, Bangalore


    how to clean fish tank

    Bioclean Aquarium

    One of the major challenges fish tank owner face is the daunting and time consume task of maintaining aquarium water quality.Download complete guide on using  Organica Biotech’s  solution for fish tank cleaner pdf here.


    What are the benefits of using Bioclean Aquarium?

    Bioclean Aquarium is a Natural Fish Tank Cleaner, it is non toxic and completely safe for your fish. This natural Fish tank cleaner helps in degrading the left-over fish feed and fish excreta thereby clearing the organic matter in the water.

    Is this completely safe for the fish?

    Bioclean Aquarium is a Natural Fish tank Cleaner and Probiotic additive. In addition to it being safe for your fish it also boosts Fish immunity.

    Why should I clean my fish tank regularly?

    Cleaning fish tank regularly is essential because fish excreta and uneaten fish food in the water lead to accumulation of foul smelling organic compound which turns the water cloudy. Organic compounds cause algal growth & trap available oxygen, making it difficult for the fish to breathe, which turns the fish sluggish, susceptible to infection and prone to isolation. Bioclean Aquarium is a Natural Fish Tank Cleaner that degrades the organic compounds, control ammonia formation, foul odour emanation and helps you maintain a clear fish tank. To know more click here.

    Do I need to remove the fish during the process of adding Bioclean Aquarium?

    Bioclean Aquarium being a Natural Fish Tank Cleaner does not require the fish to be taken out into a separate tank, this prevents the fish from trauma during the process of cleaning, as well as easen the process of tank cleaning, which could otherwise be cumbersome.

    Can Bioclean Aquarium be used in a planted aquarium tank?

    Bioclean Aquarium is a Natural Fish Tank Cleaner and is therefore safe for all kinds of plants in your aquarium.

    Does Bioclean Aquarium help in controlling the algae growth in my aquarium?

    Algae growth in your aquarium is due to the presence of organic matter in the water. Bioclean aquarium, being a Natural Fish Tank cleaner, degrades the organic matter in the water and helps in controlling the algae growth. The fish tanker cleaner formulation also improves the water clarity and reduces the frequency of water change.

    How is Bioclean Aquarium to be used?

    Take a scoop of Bioclean Aquarium (scoop provided in container) for a fish tank of up to 100 ltrs. Mix the product in a glass of water and pour the solution in the tank. The fish tank cleaner will begin its work.

    Can the aeration filter be used while using Bioclean Aquarium?

    It is recommended to keep the filter functioning while using this Natural Fish tank cleaner, this helps in better circulation of the product.

    Is Bioclean Aquarium helpful in preventing bad odour from an aquarium?

    Yes, the fish tank cleaner easily controls ammonia and effectively prevents odour in an aquarium.

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