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The urban home is subjected to an average of 62 different toxic chemicals daily. Chemicals are present in everyday items like your dish washing soap, floor cleaning liquid or toilet cleaner. The very products meant to clean and disinfect your home are a health hazard to your family – especially babies, and your pets. They wreak irreparable havoc on the ecosystem when flushed down sewage systems making their way into the earth and adversely affect even our ground water. It’s time to Tazo.


For 20 years now, we’ve been solving everyday industrial problems with innovative biological solutions straight from nature’s laboratory. Our solutions are used by governments, farmers, horticulturists, industry and NGOs for a varied range of applications including agriculture, sanitation, aquaculture, solid waste management and wastewater treatment.

For some time now, a number of our environmentally aware customers have been encouraging us to turn our attention to solving problems in the home. And we’re doing just that.


Anti-microbial Floor Cleaner

Natural floor cleaner, natural way to protect your family – especially babies, and pets.

Tazo Toilet Cleaner

Natural toilet cleaner, non-corrosive formulation protects sanitary ware & septic tank safe.

Multi Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

Natural Bathroom cleaner, 100% protection for your bathroom tiles, sanitary ware and fittings.

Anti-microbial Kitchen CleanerNatural Kitchen cleaner, because chemicals have no place in your kitchen.

Anti-microbial Dishwash GelOrganic dishwashing liquid, 100% Natural formulation with real Lemon extract.

bioclean aquarium new

Natural Fish Tank Cleaner to help you maintain a clean & hygienic aquarium

magicgro plantcare new

Organic Plant Care Product to help you maintain evergreen & healthy potted plants, trees and lawns

Fruit & Veggie Wash
TAZO Multi-Surface Cleaner
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What are the products available for home care?

biotech in its quest towards building this planet’s sustainable future has developed a range of products for use in a household. It consists of Tazo a range of natural products to meet the cleaning needs of a household. Magic Gro plant carea plant growth vitalizer and Bioclean Aquarium a natural fish tank cleaner.

How does Magic Gro Plant care help in plant growth?

Magic Gro Plant care is a premium plant growth vitaliser packed with a diverse range of probiotic soil & plant friendly microbes
that stimulate stronger root growth & improve nutritional uptake. This leads to stronger plants with heightened immunity, resistance to deficiency, disease, and stress. With time, potting soils and garden soils lose their fertility due to reduction
in natural nutrients as well as soil friendly microbes, using Magic Gro plant care helps in revitalizing the soil.

How does Bioclean Aquarium help in maintaining clear water in a fish tank?

Bioclean Aquarium is a natural fish tank cleaner containing
a consortium of specially selected beneficial probiotics that degrade organic compounds formed by fish excreta & uneaten fish food. This process helps in controlling ammonia formation, foul odour emanation and maintain a clear fish tank.

How are Tazo products different from other chemical based cleaners?

Tazo products
are formulated using plant based surfactants and essential oils. All products are non-toxic, non-corrosive, free of ammonia & chlorine, eco-friendly & bio-degradable. These products have been curated keeping safety of you & your family in
mind. To know more about how chemical household cleaning products are harming us click here.

Why conventional chemicals are not safe?

Conventional chemical cleaners increase exposure to VOCs which immensely impact health leading
to respiratory issues, headaches, nausea, allergy etc. To read more about short term & long-term effects of VOCs click here.

Howdo Tazo products benefit our ecosystem?

These products are made of 100% bio-degradable ingredients
& are free of ammonia, chlorine, bleach which are known to upset the natural micro-flora of sewer system. To read more about how chemical cleaning products are destroying the ecosystem & your septic tank click here.

Do Tazo products aid in reducing indoor air pollution?

Yes, Tazo products use
essential oils for fragrance and hence does not emit air pollutants, thereby helps in reducing indoor air pollution. Most chemical-based products use fragrances which contain phthalates, these can be inhaled and absorbed through the skin. To read how
chemical cleaning products impact indoor air click here.

Does Tazo range meet all household cleaning needs?

Yes, Tazo range of home care products comprises of Natural Floor Cleaner,
Natural Toilet Cleaner, Organic Dishwashing Liquid, Natural Kitchen Cleaner,
Natural Bathroom Cleaner, this range takes care of all household cleaning needs.

How to clean western toilet?

Use Tazo Toilet Cleaner, a natural toilet cleaner that contains natural enzymes, lemongrass, and eucalyptus oils that leave your toilet clean and fresh and smelling like a lush garden in spring.

How to clean aquarium water?

For a fish tank up to 100 liters, you can either add 1 scoop of bioclean Aquarium directly into the fish tank or take a scoop of Bioclean Aquarium (scoop included in a container) & add it into a glass of water. Add the mixture to the tank. The fish tank cleaner will start its work.