Home Care

The urban home is subjected to an average of 62 different toxic chemicals daily. Chemicals are present in everyday items like your dish washing soap, floor cleaning liquid or toilet cleaner. The very products meant to clean and disinfect your home are a health hazard to your family – especially babies, and your pets. They wreak irreparable havoc on the ecosystem when flushed down sewage systems making their way into the earth and adversely affect even our ground water.

It’s time to THINK SAFE.



For 20 years now, we’ve been solving everyday industrial problems with innovative biological solutions straight from nature’s laboratory. Our solutions are used by governments, farmers, horticulturists, industry and NGOs for a varied range of applications including agriculture, sanitation, aquaculture, solid waste management and wastewater treatment. For some time now, a number of our environmentally aware customers have been encouraging us to turn our attention to solving problems in the home. And we’re doing just that.


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