Here’s how to make your neighborhood lake a tourist spot

Pond Bioremediation

Close your eyes and think of the nearest lake to your house. Now there are two reactions you can get out of yourself on imagining so. One could be that of peace; that oh so serene feeling of being around a beautiful lake coupled with a breath of fresh air while birds of different species fly by as guests at times and chirp around and give music to the calm ambience. Where you can see the fish swimming from under the clear water and you can lie on the bench, contemplate about life and happy memories.

Another possible reaction could be ‘Eww, I’d rather think about that tourist lake 10 kms away from my house.’!

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Apart from all the rejuvenating factors, Lakes, good & clean lakes to be precise, have a plenty of ecological benefits as well. They replenish groundwater, positively influence quality of water of downstream watercourses and preserve the area’s  biodiversity. They provide for recreation and tourism and can also provide water for drinking and irrigation.

But why do some lakes get awful? What makes them so every now and then?

More often, poor water quality in ponds and lakes is attributed to an overload of organic waste matter, excessive quantity of nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia. The build-up of such substances acts as a food source for algae, bacteria and certain weeds. It gives rise to eutrophication which cuts off the supply of oxygen to the aquatic living beings and fish kills.

What is Bioremediation and and how can it help in natural ecological restoration of ponds?

Bioremediation is the process in which natural microorganisms, enzymes and plant extracts are utilized to clean pond and lakes. Natural pond cleaning solutions help in maintaining the natural balance of the pond ecosystem which are degraded due to various environmental factors.

Organica Biotech has developed products that contain naturally occurring microorganisms, enzymes, biochemicals and plant extracts in proprietary delivery systems to solve the concerns related to lakes and ponds. Our solution ‘Bioclean Pond Clarifier’ helps restore natural balance in situations where environmental factors have led to unstable and unhealthy water quality conditions. The killing of algae and weeds is temporary. Chemical Treatment cannot remove organic muck from the sediments and chemicals can be toxic to other aquatic life. In such a case, using biological solution like Bioclean Pond Clarifier performs efficiently to give sludge free, clear water body.

Org Blog Img A BOther highlights of Bioclean Pond Clarifier include the following:

Ammonia degradation:

Special strains with superior talent for rapid nitrification under aerobic conditions are provided in microbial technology. Microbes are obligatory aerobic as molecular oxygen is involved in the degradation process. These autotrophic microbes efficiently use the energy gained from oxidizing ammonia to fix carbon.

Ammonia degradation

BOD reduction:

The organic food is transferred from the water to the microbes through two simultaneous actions ie. adsorption and absorption. The soluble matter is absorbed through the cell membrane into the cell . The particulate matter suspended in the liquid is adsorbed on the cell wall partly due to the surface charge on the cell water and partly due to the secretion of biopolymers on the surface of the cell. The microbe shall secrete enzymes, which breaks down the adsorbed food into simple soluble form, before it can be absorbed into the cell. The food matter that is absorbed by the cell is metabolized by the microbes.

BOD reduction:

Bio dredging:

Introducing Bioclean Pond Clarifier in large quantities into a polluted system merely transplants nature’s engineering to the right place at the right time. Bacteria will degrade sludge and pollutants dissolved in the water column, turning them into carbon dioxide, water and bacterial biomass. As the system returns to normal, the water becomes clear, the sludge disappears, and nature takes over, restabilizing the topography and ecology. The bacteria themselves will die back to a normal population once their food source is diminished. If additional polluted influent will continue to arrive in the environment, a maintenance program will be setup, following biodredging, to keep the water clean and prevent formation of future sludge.

Org Blog Img EHow phosphorous is dealt with in the water body?

The beneficial bacteria present Bioclean Pond clarifier, also contains PAOs (phosphorus accumulating organisms) can absorb & lock some phosphorus (as PO4) in their cell mass as polyphosphates making it unavailable for algae & aquatic plants.

Enzyme production:

Bacteria produce specific enzymes to break down compounds so that they can be ingested through the bacterial cell wall. Each type of enzyme is highly specific. To completely degrade a mixed waste, selected groups of complementary enzymes are produced by the bacteria.

Odour Control: 

The odour is due to the release of hydrogen sulphide or ammonia from the stagnant  organic sludge sitting at the pond bottom for years. Bioclean Pond Clarifier contains safe, beneficial, environmentally friendly bacteria, which bio degrades organics and excess nutrients from pond bottom and water column thus curbing foul odors before they start. Microbes from Bioclean Pond Clarifier accelerate nitrogen cycle and eliminate ammonia gas, without causing putrefaction.

Benefits of our product “Bioclean Pond Clarifier:

  • Helps effective degradation of bottom organic sludge.
  • Helps maintain Lake/Pond natural eco balance.
  • Reduces ammonia levels, and hence controls algae growth
  • Stabilizes bloom conditions and prevents over-blooming of algae
  • Prevents and treats floating clumps resulting from dead plankton
  • Reduces formation of Hydrogen Sulphide, thus helps eliminate foul odour
  • Reduces BOD and COD levels
  • Reverts back the pond/lake to its natural eco system

Bioclean Pond Clarifier provides sludge-free, clear and sparkling water bodies and helps beautify your neighbourhood lakes so next time when you have to imagine your favourite lake place, it doesn’t have to be a lake far far away from your home.

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