Forced To Open Defecation: Woes From Anaheim, California

The trouble of safe sanitation is not confined to the developing world only. The so called developed nation USA has a town Anahiem in California where citizens are being regressed to go back to open defecation. The sole mistake of of these vulnerable citizens- there homelessness. Interestingly, the cause in this plight of the common poor is not lack of technology or resources but of a lack of community goodwill in the leadership and implementation bodies.

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Despite the social help groups having constructed the toilets, they were removed on the pretext of being unauthorised. The result- thousands of women, men and sick children living in tent encampments are being forced to defecate either in buckets or in the bushes. The shocker in this scenario is that the city administration does not appear to be taking lessons from a recent outbreak of Hepatitis A in San Diego that killed numerous people.

The immediate solution is reinstating community toilets that take up minimal space and understanding the vitality of the trouble.

Somehow or the other we again have to realize and that before the disaster, else the human costs of negligence would be massive.